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7 ways to earn in Shaklee

The How to Earn Money in Shaklee


If you could take a moment to dream, and imagine your ideal life, what would be most important to you?


achieve their dreams and live a better life


to work wherever you like in your super busy life


to focus on your interests and make the future you want


that include product discounts, financial benefits, trips, bonuses, and cars


of peers and friends working together
At Shaklee, we followed that dream and designed an opportunity (with ALL of the above) for you. Living the life you only imagined can now be your reality. It’s that simple.

How to Earn Money in Shaklee: 7 Ways to Earn + Cars & Trips

1. **GOLD Bonus

Earn $50 per $349 Gold PAK personally sold, $100 per $649 GOLD PLUS PAK personally sold, and $150 per $1049 SUPER GOLD PAK personally sold.

2. PowerBonus

Unlimited number of checks. Earn $150 for every 15 sponsoring points you accumulate during your first full 3 months as a Shaklee Distributor (and each time you change ranks for 3 months). Earn 15 points for sponsoring a SUPER GOLD, 10 points for a GOLD PLUS, 5 points for a GOLD, 2 points for a Distributor with 100pv, and 1 point for a Member with 50pv.
Each time you change ranks, you get an additional 3 months.

3. Mark-Up

You buy the products at one price and you sell them at another price. You make the “retail” profit.

4. VolumeBonus

When you sell a certain volume, you earn a bonus percent. You must always sell/buy at least 100 pv (~ $150) to be eligible for a bonus. The bonus percents range from 4% up to 20%.

5. LeadershipBonus

Once you have reached the level of Director and you begin to develop other Directors, you earn a % on each Director’s volume each month. This is where the passive income begins.

6. InfinityBonus

Bonuses of up to 8% to unlimited levels paid on the pgv of your leaders. Infinity bonuses begin at the Senior Coordinator rank.

7. **FastTRACK Bonus & Matching Bonus

Earn up to an additional $89,000 for reaching target ranks in your first 36 months after promoting to Director. There are time frames and qualifications. Plus, earn unlimited 50% FastTRACK Matching Bonuses for helping those you have personally sponsored to earn their own FastTRACK Bonus.
**Before earning any GOLD Bonus or FastTRACK award, one must become a Gold Ambassador by purchasing a GOLD, GOLD PLUS or SUPER GOLD PAK or by paying the $150 Gold Ambassador Fee.
shaklee compensation plan

More ways to earn in Shaklee:

1. Car Bonus

The Shaklee Car Program is a new and exciting element in our rewards and incentives program.  Anyone who is a Business Leader in the Dream Plan may participate by achieving the qualifications at each of the ranks listed below, and then meeting the specified minimum Car Volume (CV) for your rank, each and every month during the payment period.  You can earn between $250-$600 a month in car bonuses.
I am very close to earning my car bonus and expect to be earning it with in the next couple months!

*My Car Bonus Puc coming soon!!!
2. Incentive Trips

Dream Trips:

Your Shaklee business can open a whole new world of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Travel the world in style. Make memories with your loved ones and members of your Shaklee team in world class, exotic destinations like Bora Bora, Kenya, the Mayan Riviera, tropical islands in the Caribbean. Enjoy the pampering and white glove service and star treatment you deserve.

I am in line to earning my very first Shaklee Incentive Trip to Playa DelCarmen, Mexico!
I love Coletta & Leonards Shaklee Effect story, it reminds me of my some of our dreams that me & my hubby are looking for. We have already started experiencing the effect of our Shaklee business as we live healthier happier life!

3. New Director’s Trip:
Have you ever had a standing ovation? Ever been on a trip that someone else paid for? The Business Leaders listed below are fully qualified to attend the New Directors Conference at the Shaklee World Headquarters in Pleasanton, California! It’s a long list and we’re thrillled to have so many great new Leaders joining us this month!
Qualification is for up to two people and includes airfare, hotel, & local transportation to and from the airport.
To qualify for the next New Directors Conference, new Dream Plan Directors must earn a total of 18,000CV in any six-consecutive month period within their first 12 months as a Director.(month of promotion plus 11 months). The six-consecutive month qualification period must be completed no later than the PV month that is two months prior to the calendar month of the Conference.

4. Extra Rewards (Lifestyle)

how to earn money in shaklee

I love that I can work around my family’s busy schedule! I can drop off and pick up my kids at school everyday, help out in their classroom, bring their lunch if we forgot it, drive my kid’s to their after school sports, travel, etc. I get to work around my life instead of living around my job.  I can take time off to when the kids are off school, I am available and present! I believe that faith comes first, then family, and then business and this allows to me to live how I want!

Why Shaklee?

Making a Real Difference

We believe in transforming people’s lives through natural and safe products that are worth sharing.
And that little by little, one by one, we change the world.
We call it the Shaklee Effect.

A Legacy you can trust

Shaklee has a long history of innovating through science and looking to nature with breakthroughs that are now just a part of our everyday lives.
In 1915, visionary Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee invented Vitalized Minerals, one of the first multivitamin supplements in the world. Today, open any cupboard and you’re likely to find multivitamins there.
Since Dr. Shaklee’s first multivitamins, dozens of innovative products have taken shape under the brand.

The Shaklee Difference


At Shaklee, we believe nature holds the answers to a long and healthy life. That’s why we take extraordinary measure to bring you truly life-enhancing products, and to guarantee the quality, safety, and effectiveness of every one of them.
We guarantee all of our products, and we trust you’ll believe in them, too. When you sell Shaklee products, you’re making a difference to the well being of others and to the planet.

Follow the laws of nature, and you’ll never go wrong.

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Partner with Me – I am looking for more women to help!


***I am looking to partner with 6 new motivated and influential people this week! Please email me at StaceyLehn@gmail.com and let’s set up a time to chat and get you started! I am looking for healthy, active, motivating, and influential people! You must be willing to join at one of our packages. and work at least 10 hrs a week. I will help and guide you! If you are ready to join now, go ahead and order your business kit and then we can schedule your first business call!***

If I can do this, anyone can! Let’s do this together!!


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