Monday, October 26, 2015

Simple Fall Decor

My boys love caramel apples...ok and so do I! 

I surprised them one day after school with everything we needed to make a few caramel apples.

I seriously love this "fake" white pumpkin. I applied a monogrammed decal, the best part is we can keep it out past Thanksgiving and year after year!
Here it is on my front porch (even Bosley loves it!)

I decided to go simple this fall & enjoy my time with my family & friends!

I was inspired to use fall flowers in my decor after I stumbled upon BloomNation, they are an online flower delivery company. 

This is an antique wine press I inherited from a great aunt. It was used by her family during prohibition! How cool is that?

I love working with flowers to add a soft touch of color.

You may recognize this "winter white" wreath from a previous post on how to make the white wreath, here it is dressed up for fall!

Here is the area in back of my kitchen sink. I love to decorate this area since it seems dishes are always needing to be cleaned! 

I usually use this metal basket to store my fresh fruit, but decided to use it to display my faux caramel apples and some more simple fall foliage. 

I basically added a few of my Fallish items to the porch to include some fall foliage.
During our family photo shoot, we saw this old picnic table seat (broken) and I asked the hubby to snag it from the side of the road....SWEET! 
The tree branch is by Camryn, he said it looks an "L" for Lehn when stood up. He is right!

And of course I had to spook out my nails!
Hey, I gotta do something girly, I'm surrounded by males!!

Have a great week and a safe Halloween!

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