Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween loot buy back program?

*****Re-posting this before Halloween!*****
I hope it helps my Moms out there that are trying to keep their kiddos away from sugary junk.

That's right I'm buying Halloween loot from my kids!
Not why you think, although those PB cups were looking yummy. Oh no! I fought the urge to binge. My plan was to keep my kids from eating all that junk, there was no way I was going to eat it myself. What I did eat was a hand full of m&m's, BIG BIG mistake. My headache was awful and I was sick to my stomach. It has been so long since I have eaten sugary things that it hit me hard. To think about just how much of this junk I used to eat is crazy! Although I am doing my best to swap out the bad with the good, the fact is that my kids will always be surrounded by unhealthy options.  My main goal is not to just keep them from the unhealthy things, but to teach them what is healthy and why we limit things that are not healthy and give them the option to make the choice (with in reason of course).

I wanted to allow my kids to enjoy the fun of dressing up and trick or treating with friends, but the thought of all that toxic (yes toxic) sugary junk being eaten just bugged me.
So, naturally I thought why not buy it from them. Then they could use that cash to purchase a toy or book of their choice.

I had a mini glass vase (dollar store purchase) to use as the "measure" to earn a buck. They raced each other to see who got the most money. Of course they picked a few of their favorites and put them to the side.

In the end they each earned $7.

"So, what do you do with the bought loot?"
Well, it just so happened one of my "old" daycare child & mom stopped by to say "hi", so I pawned the loot off on her!
(it was a huge ziplock bag full!) 
Thanks Diamond & Candy :)

It was awesome to see you guys, glad you have moved back to the area.

(Bosley - our devilish boston terrier/beagle "boggle")

I feel like I have done a great thing for my family. My kids had fun, made a wise decision by choosing to "sell" their candy for something of better use, and they also were able to still have a few pieces of candy :)
(my Ninja's)

(our Halloween house)

Ah the joy of being the MOM!

How was your Halloween?

Have a great week,

my shameful halloween get up :(
(hey! my costumes are in the shed which is in a swamp right now thanks to Hurricane Sandy)

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