Monday, August 10, 2015

NO sew napkin pillows!

This was such a fun little project that really JAZZED up my front porch!

Items you will need:
Iron-on fusing web
Iron & ironing board or even a towel on a table top
Safety or straight pins

I scored big time $6.99 for 6 napkins!
(that's about $2 per pillow case...yippy!) 

First do a once over the napkins to smooth out any creases, believe me it makes things much easier!

Then measure out the fusing tape along the inside seam of the napkin.

Lay the second napkin over the napkin with the fusing tape, then iron. I used the heating setting as suggested for the fusing tape.

Repeat for three sides, leaving one side open to stuff!

By the way, I double scored because I only paid $3 for this preformed, pre-stiffed pillow (thank you Ikea!), which fit perfectly those square napkins I had purchased. disclaimer: when I say "I had purchased" I mean like last summer. somehow they made it to the back of my DIY closet ideas (yes I have a closet....don't judge me!)

Stuff the pillow into the opening. This part can be tricky, I decided to use safety pins to help hold the last remaining opening so that I could easily line up the fusing tape and then iron it together, completing the pillow. *tip* keep pins in place until ironed fused tape is completely cooled and you have given it a slight tug to make sure its going to stay. Then remove those pins!

The finished product is a wonderful POP of color on my front porch. Disregard the very warned out chair (that's yet another project for the upcoming fall!)

The monogrammed napkin pillow was a linen napkin I folded in half and fused together with the iron on fusing tape as well. Then I had some black craft paint and a sponge brush sitting around and I got creative, which literally took me all of 5 minutes to make!

Happy DIYing!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Basic 5 Day Mini Diet Reset

Ok, I am planning to RESET (others call it DETOXING!) the week after my kiddos are back in school (I’ll need it) and was wondering if you wanted to join me. 
Let’s do it together!! 

Now this is something that can be done whenever it works best for you, this time frame is what works best for me right now. It’s just a quick 5 day cleanse to clean out and make me feel good.  We start on a monday and end that Friday (technically Saturday morning!) This is something I do a few times a year and I'm so glad I do every time. 
So, Who’s in?? 
Get all the details below and let me know if you are doing it to so I can add you to our private group!
The Shaklee 180 5 day Diet Reset is designed to reboot your body. 

It rejuvenates, energizes and removes the toxic junk from your body. It gives you a kick start to clean eating and/or losing fat. 

Reset your cravings, feel energized and maybe even
lose a few pounds without going hungry, crazy workouts or cooking. That's right I said NO cooking!! (unless your a mom like me, we gotta feed the kiddos! LoL)

It is natural, safe and it works.

I  am personally a big fan of cleaning out once in a while.  No one is perfect so this for me is a great time to start fresh!

The Shaklee 180 Mini Diet Reset
helps my body let go of the junk it wants to hold on to.

It is super easy to follow!

If this sounds great to you so far, watch my free webinar to learn the details and products used.

This is what your day on this mini cleanse will look like

To join us, you will need the following products:
raw veggies
organic lemons for your water

more approved high fiber snacks
* Indicates a Shaklee product.  This detox is specific for Shaklee products.
To ROCK YOUR RESET with optional reset packages go here  for more options....
Once you order all your products, please email me at (subject line: MINI RESET) and I will add you to our private online forum and give you all the details you will need to support you on your 5 day RESET!
Our next Reset GROUP will start Monday August 31st-Sept 4th so hurry and order today! :)

Have a Happy RESET,



(*note these are optional packages to really ROCK YOUR RESET and is in addition to the BASIC 5 DAY MINI DIET RESET.)
 First off….. do JUMPSTART items #1-4 
Then be sure to stick with the reset plan you chose to really ROCK YOUR RESET!

Why are you doing a 180? (remind yourself)

How are you feeling? 
What is your gameplan for today? (plan on 3 smoothees every day)…
How many of the following healthy action questions can you answer YES to before you go to bed tonight? You can print and laminate them and check them off with dry erase marker as you complete them for a sense of accomplishment and extra motivation.  Don’t forget to go over the checklist before bed tonight!

#1 Did you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks that are high in both protein and fiber?
#2 Water: did you drink at least half your weight in ounces of water?
#3 Feel the Burn: did you do 5 minutes of resistance exercises?
#4 Track: did you log your food and/or activities on either a note pad or any of the cool easy to use apps, such as fitbit or my fitnesspal?

Take your AM reset pack (5 alfalfa, and 1 liver dtx)
#5 AM reset: did you take your reset pack products and Vitalizer?
Take your PM reset pack (5 alfalfa, 2-4 herb-lax and 2 liver dtx)
#6 PM reset: did you take your reset pack products before bed?
#7 Sleep: did you sleep 7 hours or more last night?
#8 Steps: did you walk at least 10,000 steps or 5 miles?
#9 Get Off Your Butt: did you sit for less than 5 hours?
#10 Veggies & Fruit: did you eat 6+ servings dark green or rainbow produce?

*For daily accountability and support, join our private group on Facebook! You will be personally invited to this private group once you order your RESET PACKAGE includes the BASIC 5 DAY MINI DIET RESET as well.

Once you have placed your order be sure to send me an email with "RESET" in the subject line to


Stacey Lehn

Healthy (RESET APPROVED) Snacks

Top 10 Healthy (RESET APPROVED) Snack Ideas (125-200 cal)

All are gluten-free, and the first eight are also dairy-free. Enjoy!

#1: 1 apple + 12 raw unsalted almonds 
#2: leafy greens (not iceberg) + sliced cucumbers + 1-2oz chicken or turkey + 1 Tbsp homemade or organic nonfat dressing
#3: Protein Oatmeal Cookies (1 banana + ½ cup quick oats GF + 1.5 scoops non-GMO protein/fiber powder* ; mash together and separate into cookies, then bake at 350F for 15 minutes, makes 2 snack servings)
#4: ½ of a smoothie (6oz almond milk or water, ½ cup fruit, 1.5 scoops non-GMO protein/fiber powder*, 3-4 ice cubes)#5: 1 Clementine orange + non-GMO protein/fiber snack bar* (or half of a non-GMO protein/fiber meal bar*)
#6: 2 Tbsp hummus dip or homemade guacamole + 1 bag of non-GMO protein/fiber snack crisps*
#7: Celery sticks + 2 Tbsp natural nut/seed butter (peanut, almond, sunflower seed, etc)
#8: Energy Bites (recipe)

#9: 1 cup berries + 6oz organic Greek yogurt
#10: 1 pear + 1oz organic string cheese