Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nutrition Mission for Health & Tour de Box!

Five years ago I was facing organ failure. 
I was severely anemic requiring weekly iron infusions. If you are not familiar wit what infusion entail, its really NOT fun. I would sit for 1-2 hours every week watching a rust tinted liquid go into my veins. It always made me tired and sick to my stomach.

The day the Hematologist told me I had 10-15 years before I would have organ failure was a tipping point for me. What I did not know was that I was suffocating my vital organs as a result of being anemic. Iron transports oxygen to the organs.

I knew I had to get SERIOUS about finding a solution and I also knew I wanted to try something natural. 

I was already using the Shaklee non-toxic cleaning products and I knew Shaklee has vitamins. 
I did not however understand that NOT all vitamins are created equal.

My Shaklee Gal took the time to explain the Shaklee difference and showed me this....

This box contains 30 days of powerful nutrients that I could never get from eating food, not even organic.
I then learned that because of the strict testing, Shaklee can be considered BETTER THAN ORGANIC! 

Vitalizer targets exactly what every person needs to have OPTIMAL HEALTH

There is a Vitalizer for Men, Women and those over the age of 50 too!

This year Shaklee is celebrating 100years of innovation.

In 1915 Dr. Forrest Shaklee developed the very 1st liquid vitamin, VITALIZED MINERALS.

The S.M.A.R.T. system is a highlight on the box that showed me why Shaklee is so different. I had taken other supplements and knew that certain vitamins could not be taken at the same time as others as it would block the absorption. 

But with Vitalizer, the entire strip could be taken at one time without any issues.

Then I compared the list of all the nutrients in the Vitalizer with the other brand I was already taking. 
(keep in mind I was in serious need of iron infusions and suffered from several nutrient deficiencies!)

It's amazing how all of the nutrients found in these foods are packed into one Vitalizer strip!

The guarantee SOLD me! 
I took the challenge and felt better in just 2 weeks.
When I had labs drawn at 3 weeks, my doctor could not believe it was my blood and requested to redraw. I went back for the results and the DOCTOR WAS FLOORED! My labs improved between the weeks 3 & 4 so much that he told me to keep taking them. A month later I no longer required iron infusions!  

Fast forward 5 years and I am the healthiest I have ever been, to include as teenager or in my 20's!

My energy is through the roof, which is important for this busy Mom, wife, student and business owner. 

I am never "sick". I may get a tickle or a slight tummy ache, but never a 7-10 long yucky sickness! For that this Mom is very grateful.

My mood is so much better since my blood levels are perfect. I had no idea that iron, vitamin D, Vitamin B and several others could impact my mood when deficient. For this I'm sure my family is grateful...LOL!

Take the Challenge..FEEL BETTER IN 30 DAYS or get a full refund!

Have a fantastic day!


After "touring" the Vitalizer box, you must be curious to find out more about this exceptional company?  Go here to take the tour!

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