Monday, April 27, 2015

Learn & Earn Program

When was the last time someone paid you to learn about a subject that directly impacts your health in a positive way?
yeah, me neither. NEVER!

Well, thats exactly what I am doing for our Members. If you are already a Shaklee member with Freedom Partners, get started, go here. This is a program where you decide the topic you are most interested in. 
View 3 get shipping FREE
Each month you can take advantage of this discount. 
Simple as that. Just comment at the end of each presentation.

My Members who have decided to partner with Shaklee and build a business, the view 3 get shipping is free, applies to the rank of Director. 
PLUS (just for distributors) earn extra discounts or FREE gifts for each presentation after the 3 within each month and referring others to join as a member or distributor!

To learn more about what being a distributor is about, check out this video

If you are not already a Member, 
go HERE to find out why joining Shaklee is a great idea!

Have a wonderful day!

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