Saturday, April 11, 2015

Go Green & Get Clean: Celebrate Earth Day!

Are you making any changes for your family this year?

One easy way to go green in you home is by switching brands!

You can replace your current household cleaners for natural, non-toxic ones that work!

I have loved and been using Shaklee’s Get Clean Line 

for  years now.

I swear by them!!
They are totally cost effectivenatural and they actually WORK!
I have been using Basic H on my floors for years and I am always impressed!
(just put in a refillable mop or in a bucket of water-super easy!)
Special thanks to Bonnie for allowing me to share her pictures! 
Shaklee carries an amazing dish line that gets the job done even without pre-rinsing!!
The Scour Off can do wonders on your oven!!
(no gloves required!)

You can remove water spots.

You can even clean your tea pot.
Our products can do just about anything!

FACT: In 1990  
Shaklee's Basic H was chosen as the 1st official Earth Day product!

Shaklee is the first consumer products company to offset 100% of C02 emissions through the EPA Climate Leader’s program and use 100% green power.

Did I mention how cute they are???

$3,400 worth of cleaning power for less than $100!!

Plus I will gift to you the scour off FREE with every purchase of the Get Clean Starter Kit Until Earth Day 2015 (April 22nd)!

For all your disinfecting needs, we have a great disinfectant!

And because it is safe, 
you can even have your children help! (Extra Bonus)

I recommend starting with:

Basic G {Germicide}

Happy Earth Day (in advance)!

I want to be honest with you, I am not “selling” these products just to “sell” something.

I believe in doing what’s right….AND using natural products around our kids, pets, and house is RIGHT!
we recognize that a healthy individual and a healthy planet go hand-in-hand. We all want somewhere to live our healthy and abundant lives. Since the earth is the one place we can call home, we should probably take care of it. This philosophy started with Dr. Shaklee back in 1956, Way before going green was COOL!
It is up to us to give our kids the best we can.  We do everything for our kids, so why not clean WITHOUT harsh chemicals.
Not only is the Get Clean Line natural & safe for us, our families, and the planet, the actually work and by that, I mean…they ROCK….and they save you money!
I can’t think of ANY reason why someone would not use these….REALLY, I can’t!!
If you like the “smell” of cleaners, add some essential oils to your cleans.
If you aren’t a member already, when you join my member team, you will be able to earn a free product within your first 30 days, have online support, join a community on like minded mamas, friend me on Facebook, get member only exclusive content and get healthier!!
I am so passionate about this and I hope you join my mission in creating healthier lives!
Incase all that wasn’t enough convincing, I have included other posts about my love for these cleaners.

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