Thursday, April 30, 2015

10 Reasons Why Moms Love Shaklee

It's no secret how much I myself LOVE Shaklee. 
Guess what? I am not alone. There are literally thousands of Moms that use and love Shaklee every day, many of them Love Shaklee so much that they partnered with Shaklee to share not only in the health that the Shaklee lifestyle offers but also to enjoy in the wealth that comes from building a Shaklee Business.

Most often a Mom (or any person) will seek out something that Shaklee offers simply because they have a need or a want. The need is usually a health related crisis or sometimes a simple need to save money on household cleaners that are truly green.

That was me, I sought out an inexpensive green cleaner. I had no idea a $11 bottle of a super concentrated non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner was going to literally change my life!

My family was used to being sick, so after a few weeks of the Get Clean line, asthma, allergies, eczema and running noses stopped. 

I knew I had to look more into WHY?

A few months later I was confronted with the reality of possible organ failure if I did not get my health in check. 
I gave Shaklee nutrition a try for and BOOM! in less than 30 days all my labs where high enough for me to not be at odds with my organs.

I knew I could not have been the only one who was impacted to this magnitude and sought out other Shaklee members, Moms.

I learned there is an entire community of Shaklee Moms, out there getting healthy, keeping their family healthy and making a difference.  These Moms are passionate about sharing Shaklee. You may be thinking " of course they are, they are making money". This is 100% true they are making money, but that is not where their passion comes from, 
we are motivated and guided by the golden rule. 

We take this concept directly into our business practices and compensation plan. The only way anyone in Shaklee can build a successful business is by following this rule and seeking out ways to add value to others.

As a Mom, this is a concept 
I want to teach my children.

Here are the TOP TEN reasons Why Moms Love Shaklee:

10. Green Cleaning
Since cleaning seems to be a major factor in being a Mom (ha-ha!), this makes sense!
Our Get Clean Line is affordable, easy to use, safe and works!

9. Healthy Kids
No Mom enjoys caring for sick kids. 
With Shaklee nutrition for children, we have a way to naturally boost their immune systems.
8. Holistic, herbal solutions to staying healthy.
Knowing that we have the tools to give our children what their bodies need to fight off anything that comes our way.

7. Moms don't get a day off!
Ok, well maybe some of us do once in a while. Let's face it dealing with daily stress is a killer. This is a favorite loved by all moms, STRESS RELIEF - just the title sounds perfect for us busy Moms.

6. Energy
Moms need energy....Lots and lots of ENERGY!
Eating healthy is optimal to keeping energy levels where they need to be to keep up with children, but between the cheese crackers and juice boxes this can be a challenge for many Moms. This is why the convenance of the Shaklee 180 meal shakes & bars are a perfect match for healthy moms on the go!
I know far to may Moms who are concerned about their excess weight and struggle to get rid of it. I also know many Moms who have love Shaklee 180 because this is a simple, easy to use delicious plan to follow to shed unwanted weight while building muscle. I do NOT know any Mom who doesn't like the idea of less weight and more muscle! ha!


My family is very active and we love it that way. Most families schedule in activities or things they do as a family, we seem to be the opposite, we schedule in rest! LOL. To see what a typical day in our house is like, go here.
If it wasn't for Shaklee nutrition fueling us, there is no way we would be able to keep up!

5 & 4 -These go together. You will see why.
5. Less Doctor Visits! 
Yes believe it or not we are hardly ever at a doctors office unless it is for a routine visit or for myself to recheck my thyroid function (something that will be part of my healthy journey for a very long time). We never get the Flu shot and never seem to need antibiotics for what seems to be common childhood illnesses.

4. Prevention vs Treatment.
It is a common routine for most people to get sick, get medication and repeat. I know, we too lived that way for a very long time (all my life until a few years ago to be exact!). Now we focus on prevention through nutrition and supplementation. Shaklee has been providing our "health care" for the past 5 years and our lack of illness has proven this.
If you are sick and tired of being SICK & TIRED, maybe its time you look into prevention?
There is this thing we refer to as the SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE that sets everything we stand for apart from others.

Go here to learn more!

3. Discounts
Every Mom loves discounts on things they want, need or LOVE. Becoming a Shaklee member give a Mom all of this. Want to feel better? Need to save money? Love the results!
Learn more about the benefits of joining Shaklee here.

To get a bigger discount and make actual income to help contribute to your family's finances, Shaklee offers an opportunity to earn from sharing with others what you LOVE about Shaklee. What other company offers this just for using and referring their products?

1. Work From Home
I know far too many Mommies who just hate leaving their babies to go work for someone else. 
Our children are only young for a short period of time. When a friend of mine mentioned that we only have 18 winters and 18 summers with our children, if we are lucky, it really hit me that time is flying by so fast
I don't want to look back and reflect on everything I missed.
 I also have Moms on my team who work full time outside the house and still find time to share Shaklee with others. This income helps offset the cost of Shaklee products and many add extra income to their households.
I also have "NOT YET" Moms, who know that when they become Moms they do NOT want to be away from their babies, but will need an income. These Mommies to be are really setting themselves up for a comfortable mommy stage for themselves. They are building their Shaklee business now and will reap the benefits of it by the time they have their babies! 
No matter your reason for your interest in why we love Shaklee, I know you too will LOVE Shaklee.
to learn more about he power of this profession for MOMs go here!

We work as a team, travel to conferences together, meet weekly online for training and are always available for each other. 
This is so much more than a J.O.B.
I have made some of the best friends through Shaklee!
Surrounded by positive, successful Moms has had the biggest and most powerful impact on me as a Mom and for that I cannot be thankful enough.

There are 3 ways to join Shaklee;
Use the products, 
Share your experience to earn referral bonuses or 
Build a business
The choice is yours!

 If  Building a Shaklee business intrigues you, take some time to view this opportunity presentation!

Think about how you see yourself fitting in with Shaklee I am here to support you in anyway you join.

Have a great day!

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