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Less Mess, Less Stress - Week #1

This is a 2 month long process where we are tackling three major aspects of our life that may need organization; Home, family and personal (self)
Each week we focus on one project in each group.
With the permission of Kathi Lipp author of "The Get Yourself Organized Project" we will be using her book as guidance.
I chose to use her book because it is written in a way that anyone can benefit form it. Its very easy to understand and the fact that she is not focused on living a perfect life or attaining a picture perfect home is very realistic. I would highly suggest grabbing her book, it;s a great reference.

Here is our first week.
If you are interested in join gin our week to week FaceBook group, please go HERE to join, it does't matter when you join, we will go through the cycle again after the 21projects have been completed. This makes it easier for those to join at any point and for those of us who did not fully complete each project. Besides some times (ok often) the work we have done is undone, mostly by others living in the same house! 

Week 1 Projects:
Self: Design Your Schedule
Family: Laundry
Home: Living Room

{please join the FB group to get more detail and files that correspond to each week including details of what to do, step by step}

Design Your Schedule
Seems pretty simple, right?
Um NO!!!
For me, it took more compromising than organizing. 
Have you tried to design your personal schedule? Daily, weekly, monthly….?
Do you feel the same?
To be honest, this was more about eliminating than anything else for me. I have a really bad habit of taking on more than I should.
But, it's what makes me, me!
I had to have a"sit down" with the hubby and discuss our family events before I got started. 
Then I went from there.
I will be sharing with you our FAMILY COMMAND CENTER next week.
So, for now just know that I have 2 months of calendars posted up for our entire family to see and to add/make changes as needed. This keeps us all in the loop of events and such. Two boys playing hockey, one in public school another doing online schooling, a hubby who is a shift working olive officer and myself who runs two business, attends classes at the gym, roller derby…this is not mentioning any church or household responsibilities. So as you can see, we really need to keep things in order around here.

Dear God…
...with my boys it seems like it is never ending, 
but be brave there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I could just keep these doors closed 
and also ignore all the dirty laundry on the floor in the boys room, 
but I am holding myself accountably to prove this can be done!
Talk about airing out our dirty laundry! I'm just keeping it real.

Yes, I know how deplorable!! 
Well, this is reality and I'm pretty certain I'm not the only one (can I see a show of hands?)
With this being said, I went to town & declared war on the closet!

First I started with the 3 boxes (basket in my case) & 2 bags strategy.
Then I started sorting as I dug into it.
Once everything was out, I wiped everything down just as mentioned in the WEEK 1 FILE (located on the FaceBook Group Page).
Then I followed the 3 box rule of sorting.
After that I began to organized/label what I had to.

I always have in stock our favorite laundry detergent, powdered & liquid.
First off it is important to me to limit toxins I expose my family to, 
which is why we use the Get Clean Line that is toxic free. Also, the packing is so pretty!! haha
I find that the liquid works great on spot cleaning (which we have lots of stains in this house, ugh!), while the powder is very economical (less than 40cents a load).

This is one of the doors where I store sponges, towels, fabric softener sheets, nature bright (whitens whites & brightens colors safely). There is also a non toxic germicide (better than bleach!), that is safe on clothes and skin. The bags hanging are for my boys to grab on the way to sports to put their stinky clothes in. Those bags are to be put on top of the washer/dryer to be laundered ASAP! 

Seriously, have you ever smelt hockey stank? YUCK!
The other door also stores extra kleenez, and fabric softener and has two hooks for the mop & broom/dustpan. 

I had to make sure there was something motivational (and pretty) in this area, I think we need motivation to do laundry, don't you?

Here are the baskets/hampers I labeled with each of my boys names. They are located next to each others their dressers where they get dressed in the morning.
Now they are responsible for their own laundry.
Once a week (or if needed more often), they bring their hampers down stairs to be washed, once washed/dried/folded (yes they help) they fill the hampers with the freshly laundered clothes and put them away and store the hamper next to the dresser again.

Here is what I got accomplished after 1 hour!
(I try to keep organizing to a 30 min max at a time and then take a break)

The last project for Week 1 was to organize the Living room. 
I did not take any before pics (thank goodness!), but I cantle lyon this, it is now September and we still had red, white and blue decor hanging around (hey, don't judge we were busy this! lol).
Anyway, my time spent was underrating and decorating for the Fall. 
I decorate every season, I guess because we are so far from family that I compensate by decorating? Again, don't judge!
This is a horrible picture, (I will upload a better one very soon).
But you can see how Fall-ish it is now.

I also straightened up the entertainment center/dvd area. The ottoman you see into pic is NOT something I tackled this time around.
Which is another reason to do the projects again!
The ottoman contains 12 years of school projects form my boys...I'm so not ready to deal with that right now. 
But at least it is contained to one area? 
So, that in it's self is organized! LOL

Be sure to join us on FaceBook to get the details on how you too can have LESS MESS & LESS STRESS! #21steps

Stay Tuned for week #2!

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