Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is your Mind Working?

Is your mind WORKING?
I used to take for granted the way my mind worked. 

Not anymore!

Even thought I am only in my 30's, I understand just how fragile our working minds are. 

If you did not know I was in a car accident that ended with a concussion. 

I was told by specialist that this accident aged my brain 30years when it comes to short term memory, sharpness and focus. 

To add insult to injury, I had almost daily headaches and routine migraines that would make me sick to my stomach.  
 I'm a Mother, Wife, Business Owner…how was I going to survive? 
I was irritable, and could not sleep well at night.
Over time some of the symptoms weakened but never really got 100% better.

I was teaching myself to live with it (as life goes on, right?). I had to be sure to park in the same parking space so I could find my vehicle, be sure to hang my keys up in the same spot every time so I can easily find them, you get the point here. 

What you have to understand is that prior to the auto accident, my brain was pretty sharp and I had a great memory and was great with numbers. 

Post concussion, I could barely sit still long enough to add up my checking account, pay bills and I constantly lost stuff. Reading was a huge challenge, I would get nauseous after reading just one paragraph!
 Needless to say I got over whelmed very easily.

In stepped SHAKLEE 
(I swear every time I need something health related, there it steps in..I LOVE SHAKLEE!)

Shaklee offerred a pre-launch of a new innovative product called MindWorks

Within just a week or so, I started sleeping better, headaches subsided which helped with irritability. The best thing of all is that I literally felt like I was getting my mind back! 
I could focus on things for a longer period of time and my reaction time was quicker. The best example of the reaction time is that while driving on the DC beltway, I anticipated a fellow driver swerving into my lane quicker than I usually would have.

I was being told by specialist that at 12 months after the onset of the concussion my brain will do all the repairing it can and to get used to life. I was about 18months and was not seeing any further improvements, it was saddening to say the least.
Did you know that at age 20 our brains begin to shrink? 
MindWorks is proven in clinical studies to reduce this shrinkage by 30%!

Thanks to MindWorks, for the first time since the accident I am hopeful that my brain will repair itself, I am noticing improvements almost daily.

MindWorks also comes with FREE access to CogniFit. An App that accesses your mental focus and agility. I took the pre assessment and will do it agin in a few weeks to check on my improvement. I think this is a great tool that Shaklee has offered, especially for this e who may be skeptical. Try it and see.

My experience so far is great with MindWorks. 
My energy level has never been a problem since starting on my Shaklee Regimen about 5 years ago, but focus has been the issue since the accident. 

Now I can confidently say that I am able to stay on task without getting overwhelmed. I'm keeping up with my busy kiddos and enjoying our busy life :-)

If you are in need to improve your overall mental sharpness, this may be your ticket!

Because Shaklee stands behind every product, they always offers 100% money back, and currently I am offering FREE SHIPPING, this is a win-win situation!

Try MindWorks, or any Shaklee product for a month, if you  are not happy with it, get all your money back! 

What a great offer.

Have a great Day!