Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Healthier Children in 30 Days!

If you have children you know just how challenging it can be to get the right amount of healthy food in daily. 
There are so many options that state they are healthy, 
so how do you choose?

We started with offering as many organic fresh vegetables & serving fruit as a dessert instead of the sugary treats that we now reserve for special occasions. 
(yes we still enjoy ice cream once in a while!)

Even though we do our best to make healthy food choices, we knew our children needed more support to be their best.
We started our children on the Kid Power Packs with Shaklee
We were challenged to try the"Healthier Kids in 30 Days" program. 
So, since we like a good challenge we decide to try it out. 
Okay, thats not completely true.  We researched the company, the products, the ingredients and spoke to several folks about their personal experience with Shaklee products for their children. 
Oh, and the fact that if I was NOT happy with the results I could call Shaklee directly and request an immediate refund. 
(I confirmed thus fact by calling Shaklee before I placed an order, they really do stand behind every product they offer)

My children's health has dramatically improved once they started this program.

Once upon a time they suffered from asthma, allergies and chronic colds all year long, now they may get a sniffle once a year and we use this Natural Medicine Cabinet to quickly remedy that cold, because no one has time to be sick!

My oldest no longer is on any medications for ADHD and finally sleeps at night!
Both of my boys no longer require asthma meds or routine breathing treatments, not to mention they are NEVER sick! Seriously I can't remember the last time they were at the doctors.

My children now ask for their protein shakes and vitamins. 
I'm sure they feel the difference.

Let's talk chocolate! 
OK now that I have your full attention… much as you may love chocolate so do your kiddos. 
My boys love, love, love this bavarian cocoa protein meal shake mix (it also comes in vanilla too)
They request this almost daily for breakfast. 
A healthy, quick breakfast that fuels them with all the nutrition they need for their busy day is just A-OK with this Momma!

Compare Shaklee to the leading brand below:

Then compare the multivitamin you may be using to the nutrition that Shaklee Incredivites offer

It has also been highly recommended by many pediatricians to supplement DHA & Omegas for the growth and development of the brain.
Shaklee's Mighty Smarts are perfect. The yard chewy citrus, like a start burst candy!
At first my kids were hesitant to take them (because they were not used to it), but when I asked them if they wanted to be SMART or not, they responded "SMART"! so they took them..LOL!

Healthier children must start with healthier Moms & Dads.
If you are not yet on your own Healthy Journey, get started HERE!
We are the role models to our children, what we do, what we say, what we eat, they will do the same.
This is why it is so important to be that healthy role model.
I am not saying be "perfect", because it does not exist!
We focus more on making the healthiest choices majority of the time, the rest of the time we may indulge in movie theater popcorn, a trip to a local ice cream shop or even dinner out.

We also model the importance of supplementation
Our children see us take our supplements and drink our protein smoothees every day. 


We have taught them why we need to supplement even a healthy diet. 
We also teach them that being active and enjoying team sports is a fun part of being healthy :-)


If getting your family healthier in the next 30 days is something you want (or need) to do, Let me help you get there. 
I would be honored to be part of your healthy journey.

Our family was once so unhealthy that I, myself was heading for organ failure as I was entering my 30's, now I am the healthiest I have ever been and I am quickly approaching my 40's! 

I understand that it can be overwhelming or even scary, which is why you should not go at it alone, 
I am here for you & I believe in you!

If you would like to hear more about this topic, please join our online LIVE presentation on the Healthier Kids in 30 Days Program by getting registered to receive your personal invite and link.
Where: Your Computer!
When: Monday July 28th
Time: 8:30pm EST

Contact me today to get started and join our healthy community!

Have a great day,


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