Thursday, October 2, 2014

Emergency Responder Wellness

Recently another fellow Police Officer that works with my Hubby collapsed to the ground having a seizure while on duty, this is what prompted us to seek other Emergency responders to help them make healthier choices with their diet and supplementation.

We knew from the experience my Hubby has had with his improved health, energy levels, endurance and increased focus on the job that this program could be beneficial to others as well.
I knew of a fellow Shaklee Family member, I reached out to Captain Scott Bradshaw to request his expertise for a Wellness Presentation.  
I also asked my Hubby to participate in this presentation and he said YES!
{what you must understand is that my Hubby was at one time the biggest skeptic and resistance to change, now he sits by my side raving about Shaklee and how awesome he feels}

This presentation is one of my favorite to date!
Maybe because it includes one of my favorite people in the world, my Hubby :-)

If you are an Emergency Responder or know one, 
this presentation will help them in so many ways. 

The topics we focused on are:
Healthy Weight
{getting to and maintaing a healthy weight}
{why so many emergency responders are struggling with weight issues}
Healthy Energy
{endurance and focus for safety}
Healthy Nutrition
{smart supplementation & why}
Healthy Stress {how to handle stress in a healthy way}
Healthy Hydration
{staying hydrated & why}

This is a must see for any Emergency Responder!

To learn more about the products mentioned in this video click below for more information

Have a great day!

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