Saturday, July 12, 2014

Easy Avocado Dip

This was brainstorm idea that came to me when the Hubby and I were doing our most recent 5 day mini diet reset (or detox). 
We do this every so often to help clear out anything that is "stuck" and to reset our cravings. 
Hey no one is perfect, right? 
I love avocado with my salads, my Hubby however does not like avocado at all.
So, I decided to "trick" him. He ate it and loved it, then asked if I could make this into addressing for his salads. The dressing turned out super creamy and tasty.
If your wondering why I went through the trouble of "tricking" my Hubby it's because avocados are jam packed full of heart healthy fats that we need.
My "trick" worked and now my kids are enjoying this dip as well with fresh veggies!

This is a typical 5 day mini diet reset meal: 
Protein Smoothee, Raw Veggies, Avocado made into a dip, and even PB for the celery!

Avocado Dip Recipe:
1 ripe avocado (smashed)
* use an avocado that is just about to be to soft to eat, these smash easiest
2-3TBSP italian salad dressing {Recipe HERE}
Extra Sea Salt as desired
Mix together & enjoy!

Tip: to make this into a salad dressing instead of a dip, add more italian dressing to achieve desired thickness.

Super easy way to get a super food!

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