Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Natural Allergy & Sinus Relief Program

This Natural Allergy & Sinus Relief Program is an extension of our  Natural Wellness Program, a natural approach to feeling better focusing on prevention rather than treatment.

It never fails, many of us suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies in the Spring & the Fall.
Before I learned about this program, I was once taking 2 different allergy medications and required allergy shots. Even with this regiment, I still had year round asthma & often needed multiple asthma meds including routine breathing treatments (yuck!).

There are several reactions to allergens. At some point I think I came to accept these reactions as "normal" and just learned to live with them.

Do you suffer with any of these reactions?

Thankfully, I am no longer on any medications and it has been years since my last allergy shot. If you are tired of the medications and not getting the relief you desire, it may be a great idea to try something natural to your body, a herbal solution with Shaklee.


Scientists now believe 70% of the immune system is located in the gut … a good place to start to strengthen our immune system against allergic reactions.  There appears to be a surprising correlation between symptoms of upper respiratory congestion and sinus discomfort to poor elimination in the lower intestines.  This is often associated with an overgrowth of the Candida yeast organisms.  An increasing number of Americans suffer from Candida when the essential friendly microbes Nature intended to reside in our intestines get destroyed by medications such as antibiotics,  steroid-based drugs (e.g. asthma medications), oral contraceptives, and more.  Couple this with a diet culture so entrenched in sweets, breads, baked goods, chips, and snacks that are the favorite foods of the Candida organisms.

A patented technology that allows the very fragile probiotics to pass through the highly acidic stomach protected by a triple encapsulation so they arrive exactly at the right location in the lower intestines.


Developed and extensively tested by immunologists in Japan, this proprietary blend of natural plant extracts is derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds.  Nutriferon supports and stimulates the immune system by increasing the activity of macrophages (white blood cells) and inducing natural interferon production.  It optimizes the body’s immune response against environmental irritants and airborne substances (as with allergies and asthma).  Completely safe – no adverse reactions to these plant extracts recorded.

Vitamin C
For continuous antioxidant protection against environmental assaults, this unique all-natural sustained formula slowly releases Vitamin C into your blood stream over a 5-hour period and provides nutrients from the entire vitamin C complex including bioflavonoids. Thus, it is very economical.  It has been found to protect against smog, chronic infection, allergies, asthma, colds, flu, swollen glands, anemia, smoke, poor diet, stress, bruising, varicose and spider veins, colon polyps, and slow healing.

VitaLea Mutlivitamin/Multimineral Tablet

Supported by 7 clinical studies, patented bio-activated absorption system.  Exceptional quality, over 340 quality tests on every batch produced.  Contains 23 essential vitamins and critical minerals, including 800 IU of Vitamin D3.  Kosher and gluten-free.


With deep roots extending10 to 20 feet into the soil, this amazing plant is rich in trace minerals and protein plus contains 8 digestive enzymes. Recognized as a natural anti-histamine, allergy sufferers report good results from taking 3 or 4 of the little compressed sun-dried leaf tablets … containing no pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, or synthetic hormones.  Other popular uses for alfalfa are swelling, pain and stiff joints, ulcers, stomach ailments, hiatal hernia, water retention, gout, body odor, and bad breath.

Garlic Complex

Retains all the potency of one clove of fresh raw garlic without the odor. Garlic is traditionally used for its  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and
anti-inflammatory properties. People often take it to reduce symptoms of
allergy, asthma, colds, flu, sinus infections, yeast infections, diarrhea &flatulence. It also has heart protective properties of lowering elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Emphasize fresh vegetables and avoid sugar, breads, and baked goods.

Reduce Exposure to Toxins

With allergies it is best to attack the causes to get relief, take a two fold approach for best results,
1) Strengthen the immune system (as discussed above), and 
2) Avoid products that could aggravate allergy and sinus conditions such as certain foods and cleaning products.  Many cleaning products not only irritate the skin, but their odors can aggravate upper respiratory problems. 

Shaklee Get Clean Start Kit
Step one in reducing toxins in and around our living space is to remove all toxic cleaning products from the home ..and replace them with the non-toxic, earth-friendly Get Clean Product line. Oprah Winfrey named these remarkable, effective, and yet inexpensive cleaners among her “favorite things”. They can be purchased individually or in the most popular Get Clean Starter Kit.  The kit includes products for the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry … in particular fragrance-free dryer sheets (made from vegetables and biodegradable), a pint of Basic H2 (that makes 48 gallons of all purpose cleaner for about $10), and Scour Off cleanser for pots, pans, and stove tops in the kitchen and for tile cleaning in the bathroom.  Kosher certified.

Basic G [germicide}

Disinfectant made without cresol.  Cresol (methylphenol) is easily absorbed by the skin and causes digestive disturbances, nervous disorders, mental changes, skin eruptions, and jaundice.  Basic G kills parvovirus, feline leukemia, distemper virus, and the AIDS virus on surfaces.  Note:  for allergy and sinus relief in the winter when it’s dry, remember to use a humidifier with a few drops of Basic-G to inhibit bacterial growth.

Defend & Resist

Contains Echinacea, which activates the immune system, promotes production of white blood cells, enhances resistance to infection (viral and bacterial), anti-inflammatory, promotes wound healing, reduces mucous, relieves boils, gangrene, ulcerations, bites, abscesses, and fights candida.  Also contains larchtree extract and elderberry to surround viruses and help prevent their reproduction. Best taken at onset of avirus.  Can also be used as a zinc lozenge or made into a tea. Very soothing to sore throats.
Because the brain is the most sensitive organ in the body, many experts recommend eliminating foods and environmental irritants that could create brain allergies.  (Source: Doris Rapp, M.D.  “Is This Your Child’s World?”)   Using Shaklee cleaning and personal care products may be helpful as they are based on a philosophy of “Living in Harmony with Nature.”
Information courtesy of Lagoni Health Associates.

If you are tired of taking medications and not getting the results you expected, give this natural relief program a try. With the 100% satisfaction guarantee from Shaklee, you have nothing to lose!

Have a great day,

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Organized Mom: Time & Energy

Good Morning!
It's 5am, time to workout, get dressed, greet daycare children arriving and make breakfast, prep school lunches, change diapers...."DING-DONG" another daycare child arrived, answer door, clean a mess, change another diaper, clean up breakfast, get 8 children ready to pack up to drop school age children to school.....and guess what it's only 8:00am!

"How in the world do you do it?" and "You are a rock star" is what I hear from parents and my close friends. I'm pretty sure my Hubby thinks I am the energizer bunny!! LOL

It's pretty simple really, I have a schedule and do everything in my "power" to stick to it. I use the term "power" loosely because when one works with children, schedules sometimes go right out the door.

I honestly do not see that what I do as anything magnificent, it's just what I do. I would never have thought about posting about my schedule, but I honestly do get many people who ask how I do it all.

Here is a typical day for me:

5:00am  Wake up & work out {on no gym days}
5:30am  Shower & get dressed {yup Im that quick!}
5:45am 1st set of daycare children arrive {they go back to sleep} 
             Unload dishwasher, check emails, *read book of month 
        *{I try to read a new book every month to constantly learn and grow personally & professionally}
6:15am  2nd set of daycare children arrive & go back to sleep, prepare breakfast, school lunches {4 children at this point plus my own children are still sleeping}
7:15am  Remainder of children arrive, serve breakfast
7:45am  Clean up kitchen & prepare for school run
8:00am  We are packed in my 12 passenger daycare van ready to go!
8:30am  Return home to start curriculum and daily activities with daycare children
   {I would list it all, but unless you have worked in a daycare or run one, your head will spin, seriously!} 
Here is a sample:
-circle time 
-morning snack & clean up
-curriculum time for older children
-feeding/diaper change and morning nap for infants
-free play/singing dancing/dramatic play
-helper chores (yes they have daily/weekly chores assigned within the daycare)
-prep for lunch, clean up play area
..........to just name a few descriptions of the crazy fun that goes on in the morning!
*this is so very true!!

11:00pm Prep lunch, feed kids, clean kids, *clean kitchen 
*tip: load dishwasher as dishes get dirty, do not let sink fill with dishes!
12:00pm  Teeth brushed, diapers changed, on mats & nap time has begun! This is when I do a mini cleanse in the kitchen for the day.
12:30-2:00pm Typically I am either working my *Shaklee Business or **filing paper work for the daycare during my "lunch" break
*Running my Shaklee business is basically responding to emails, returning phone calls and answering questions or placing orders for clients.
**This is another one of those "you will not understand unless you have ran a daycare" thing. Lets just say the amount of paperwork is pretty ridiculous (I have learned to master this over the last 18 years!)
2:00pm Feed & change Babies {yes out of the 8 children I care for, seven of them are under the age of 5 and 2 of them are infants (4mo-1yr old)!...lots if diapers!}
2:45pm  Nap is over! Potty & more diaper changes, pack up in van to get school age children.
3:15pm Return, unload van, Feed afternoon snack, children begin departing for the day.
5:15pm All daycare children are gone for the day!
5:30pm At the gym for kettlebell/cross fit class {2-3 times per week}
6:30pm Return home, shower spent time with family (dinner)...evening chores then *bed by 10pm
*twice a week I participate in evening webinars to help others learn more about Shaklee

Then guess what? I do it all again 5 days out of the week!!!

Wow! Now that I see it typed out....I am kinda CRAZY!
Saturdays are typically fun filled with food shopping, farmers market, more cooking & cleaning (seriously when does a Mom not cook or clean?) and of course sports with my boys.

Sundays are what I like to call our DAY OF REST. We attend church and when we get home we get back into our PJ's and lounge for the rest of the day.

So, how do I do it? I must admit that my Shaklee nutrition plays a major role in my ability to keep up. I do not get sick, I do not slow down and having a positive outlook is essential. 

Without my health I would have none of these to keep me on top. 
To learn more about the WELLNESS PROGRAM our entire family follows check it out HERE.

The best thing I could have ever learned in the last year after my car accident, learning to live post concussion is the secret and importance of time! Specific goal setting and planning on how I am to achieve the goal is how stuff becomes DYNAMIC!

Moms Chores
Another thing I was asked to share is a daily cleaning schedule since my house is clean (not perfect by any means), but with all the children and busy schedule they wanted to know if I cleaned instead of sleeping!!

Menu Planning
Another time suck is planning a weekly menu.
We are a family of 4, but also feed an additional 8 children 2 meals & 2 snacks five times a week!
Staying within a budget is always important to us as we have claimed a war on debt, paying off student loans, mortgage and remaining credit card debt free through it all!

On top of these challenges, I am also gluten free (which can be pricey).
Here is a sample of how I organize the weeks worth of meals including the daycare as well.
I first do an inventory every Friday (at nap time) and decided what meals I can make based on what we already have on hand then I fill in the blanks on the menu and shop for only the items we need for the following week. 
*I typically shop friday evenings after I workout at the gym unless our family has plans.

So, how exciting is my LIFE? ha-ha-ha

Ha, I know its kinda crazy, but I love what I do and love that I am here for my family.
I hope this inspires others to prosper where they are planted and make the very best use of their time!

How do you deal with a busy schedule?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why add PROTEIN to your day?

As a mother of 2 very active boys, wife to an inner city Police Officer (can you say stressful?) and a business women (own & operate a licensed child day care & a growing Shaklee business), I know what it means to be stretched thin. 
Shaklee soy has helped me to stay o track with my nutritional and weight goals, saved me tons of time and has sustained my energy level to keep up with my busy life!

Are You Concerned About the
Nutritional Content of Your Food?
If so, you’re not alone. A 1999 survey indicated that 87% of consumers reported changing their eating habits due to specific health concerns. Among the greatest worries were heart health and dietary cholesterol intake. The major dietary concern (reported by almost half of those surveyed) was reducing fat.1
Animal protein is a major contributor to the fat in the average American diet. Americans eat plenty of protein, but it is mostly from meat, eggs, and dairy sources, which are usually high in saturated fat and cholesterol. 

In contrast, Shaklee Soy Protein is high in protein, that is naturally low in fat, and naturally lactose and cholesterol free. It also provides all the amino acids, including the nine essential ones your body needs but cannot manufacture itself. Using the newest methods for assessing the quality of protein, soy protein that given the score of 1.0 — the highest rating possible and equal to that given animal proteins such as those from eggs and milk. Shaklee Soy Protein products are also good sources of calcium and iron. 

Shaklee Soy Protein also provides naturally occurring beneficial plant compounds that are being extensively studied. Soy contains isoflavones, especially genistein and daidzein. These are intriguing to researchers because they are phytoestrogens and may be related to soy’s ability to regulate hormonal balance and deliver long-term health benefits. 

Concerns about safety?
Some soy protein products are alcohol-processed, which removes isoflavones. 
Shaklee Soy Protein is water- washed to retain naturally occurring isoflavones such as genistein and daidzein. 
Shaklee uses only non-genetically modified (GMO) soy protein certified through an Identity Preservation Program (IPP)
This program assures that the soy we use is tightly monitored and controlled from planting and harvesting to processing. 

Who Might Benefit from Energizing Soy Protein?
 58 million people who are concerned about heart health 

• People interested in reducing their intake of the typically high-fat, high-cholesterol animal sources of protein and supplementing their diet with a plant-based protein source that is naturally low in fat and lactose and cholesterol free

• Moms & Dads that are on the go!

• People interested in the health benefits associated with consuming soy

• Anyone interested in supporting the body’s natural ability to ward off hunger and maintain energy for hours 

• Those of us that want to shed a few extra pounds and feel great!

Why Choose Shaklee Soy Protein?

14 grams of protein per serving
Uses only IPP-certified non-GMO soy protein
Highest-rated protein quality
Natural vegetarian protein source (Shaklee 180 contains Leucine)
Naturally cholesterol free
No saturated fat
Low fat per serving
Naturally lactose free
50% of your daily needs for calcium
All the amino acids, including the nine essential ones you must get from food

How Does Shaklee Soy Protein
Work to Sustain Energy?
The key to Shaklee Soy Protein’s amazing ability to help people feel energized for hours is something scientists refer to as glycemic response. 

Glycemic response describes the effect a food has on blood sugar. Foods like a hot-fudge sundae can cause your blood sugar to spike and then plummet rapidly. A short time after you’ve finished the last spoonful, you feel tired, irritable, and surprisingly hungry considering the number of calories you’ve just consumed. This is exactly the opposite of how you feel after a serving of Shaklee Soy Protein.
In a clinical study, subjects consumed 110 calories from carbohydrates alone and their blood sugar was measured every half hour. As expected, blood sugar shot up immediately and then quickly crashed. It’s this “roller- coaster” response that can lead to feelings of jitteriness, irritability, and hunger.
However, when subjects consumed 110 calories of Shaklee Soy Protein, the results were significantly different. Blood sugar didn’t spike, nor did it plummet. Instead, it remained essentially level. The body’s natural metabolic balance was undisturbed. 

My family has begun adopting the notion that consuming mostly plant based protein is much healthier for us. We are in no way vegan, we enjoy organic chicken, wild caught seafood & even sometimes grass fed, antibiotic free beef.
It's been about making healthier choices and incorporating healthy Shaklee Soy into our daily routines have saved us time, money and improved our health.

To learn more about your options go HERE to learn more.

I hope this has inspired you to give Shaklee Soy a try!

Have a fantastic day, 

Protein Power: Good, Better, Best

As a mother of 2 very active boys, wife to an inner city Police Officer (can you say stressful?) and a business women (own & operate a licensed child day care & a growing Shaklee business), I know what it means to be stretched thin. 

Shaklee soy has helped me to stay on track with my nutritional and weight goals, saved me tons of time and has sustained my energy level to keep up with my busy life!
As a frugal mom, wife & business owner, I am always looking for ways to keep costs as low as possible and I often hear from folks who want to give Shaklee a try but waiver at the cost. My family's health has improved so much, that I wish we had started intro ducting Shaklee nutrition much sooner than we did. I too questioned the cost and reasoning behind what Shaklee has to offer.
Here are the good, better & best option for introducing Shaklee soy into your daily lifestyle. The cost range from less than $3.00 to less than $9.00 per day. 

{$3 a day}
Purchase two Shaklee 180 smoothees in your choice of 5 flavors and enjoy once a day to enhance your energy! 
We find it best to start our day off with a smoothee to really set the stage for a healthy, energized day.

{$5 a day}
Literally the breakfast of champions. Shaklee has powered over 100 Medal WINNING Olympians! 
The combination of the benefits of soy and our unique patented VITALIZER give your energy and overall health a BOOST! 
To read more about the benefits of VITALIZER go HERE to read a past post.
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{also $5 a day}
Increase your energy level and boost your immune by increasing the level of soy protein, vitamins and minerals by enjoying 2 smoothees a day.
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{$9 a day}

All the support you need to achieve your healthy weight goal!
This option includes:

Two healthy meals a day, Energizing Tea, and healthy snacks, in your choice of flavors PLUS Metabolic Boost
Free personalized support and Shaklee 180 online tools ($11.95 month/value)
Access to the Shaklee 180 rewards
Free Shaklee 180 Workouts ($19.95 month/value)
First order will arrive within 3 business days ($23.64 value)
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Have a fabulous day!