Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day!

What did you do on St. Patty's Day?

Today we had yet another snow day, no school!! 
Great excuse to get things organized and enjoy a mug of mocha latte, YUM!

We started our cold day off with a HOT breakfast. Camryn requested a "green" breakfast.
I opted for "green" protein pancakes, you can see that recipe HERE. We just added green food coloring (or you could add spinach to the blender)
We also had "green" sausage (just added green food coloring to some fresh butcher sausage links) and of course we also had green eggs!

They requested "green" chocolate milk & orange slices. 
My oldest, Aiden reminded us that there is orange in the Irish flag, so we still coordinated!! lol

Then they went out to play in the snow

It is always fun to see my children having fun in the snow :-)

As a time saver, right after breakfast I gathered all the corned beef & cabbage ingredients and tossed into the rock pot, set to low and left it for the next 6 hours, then cranked it up to high for another 2 hours.
I would have included a few pics of the completed meal, but it was torn up before I could! 
I guess they enjoyed the dinner? haha

During my day off, I decided to do a medicine cabinet inventory. With spring coming (I think it is anyway?), I want to be prepared for allergy season and the common colds that come along with the change of weather. 
In our area Strep Throat is a common occurrence in both spring & the fall. My own children did NOT get it last fall and we are confident they will not get it again thanks to our natural approach.

Our family no longer uses over the counter medications and the use of prescription medication is very rare since we do not get sick as often as we used to. When any of us get a sniffle or a cough, we have what we need to help our bodies fight it off naturally. 
We no longer have any side effects or feel run down.

Here are some option when designing a natural, herbal medicine cabinet.

There are other ways to use oils, herbs and to make compounds to suit your needs, however I don't have the know how nor the time. With Shaklee those steps are done for me. I don't need to worry about the purity or have any concerns about the safety of any product developed by Shaklee. If you are curious why I would have so much trust in a company, I suggest you take a few minute to view this VIDEO.
I no longer need to take any over the counter or pharmacy medication for things such as cough, cold, stomach aches, headaches, muscle pain/cramps, energy boost, thyroid function, mood, sleep....and the many other reasons folks purchase medications or see doctors.
It has been great not being sick like we used to. 

How did you spend your St. Patrick's Day?


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