Sunday, March 23, 2014

Energizing Honey Bee Snacks & a Special Thank You

Do you have a picker eater? 
I must say that I believe I have been blessed with children that have adapted very well to eating healthy and making healthy choices.
I hear often from Moms that it is a major challenge to get their children to eat anything healthy such as veggies or fruits or healthy options for protein.

Before our family adopted this healthy lifestyle, we too ate out often, ate too much sugary processed foods and of course we were also plagued by allergies, asthma, eczema to name just a few issues.

Since focusing on what we are exposing our family to we no longer suffer from any of the above mentioned illnesses. 

There is much truth to the fact that consistent exposure to a new food to a child will eventually modify the unhealthy behavior of craving only unhealthy foods. After 18+ years of working with children of all ages, I can confidently say that the responsibility falls on the parents. If all that is available to the child is healthy options, they will learn to enjoy those healthy options and eventually not crave the unhealthy options. 
My suggestion is to be consistent and always lead by example!

Because we enjoy treats, I knew we needed to have healthy options. 
We enjoy fresh fruit often when in season.  
This recipe is very similar to my PB FUDGE recipe, altered just a bit and shaped into these cute bumble bees! My kids love them :-)
*tip: If you have a child that is allergic to tree nuts, sunflower seed butter may be a great alternative for this recipe.

Energizing Honey Bee Protein Snack

1C vanilla protein powder (we love Shaklee)
1C peanut butter (organic,no sugar added)
1/3C raw honey (read about local honey HERE)
1/2C oats (gluten free is best)
1/3C flax meal
1-2 tbsp chocolate chips 
*melt chips and put in ziplock type bag, cut a tiny hole in one corner.
Almond slices to garnish {wings}

Mix it all together. Roll into mini balls. Drizzled chocolate over balls to make stripes. 
We used mini chocolate chips for eyes. Place "wings" on top.

*tip: if you freeze them on a cookie sheet, you can then transfer to a sealed container to keep fresh. Take out when ready to eat. 

A Special Thank You
I want to take a moment to say thank you to those of you who have supported our family business "Freedom Partners International". 
We set out to share health & wealth to help others and what happened in return is that you have enriched our life with loving support and encouragement.
We thank you for continuing to live a healthy life with the help of Shaklee. Our gratitude is without words,
As a special thank you to our current Shaklee member team (customers), we are offering FREE shipping on all orders placed between March 23rd thru March 28th! Spend $75 and receive FREE shipping! If you know anyone who may benefit from going Shaklee, please remind them of the special new member offer of FREE membership, Free shipping and a Free gift of Cafe Latte protein when placing an order of 50pv or more!

Thank You
 Stacey & Family

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