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Living with Multiple Sclerosis (How Susane healed naturally)

Susane Cohon

“I would not be the person before you today, if it had not been for Shaklee.”

In September of 1999, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I have used Shaklee on and off for twenty years.  I have two children, and at the time, I was not as diligent with my health as I should have been.  Suddenly, I was hit with an “incurable disease” diagnosis and was under the care of a terrific neurologist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.  However, this individual saw no value in a nutritional component for my MS, just that I was probably born with a “predisposition to the disease” and something had triggered it.  What had triggered it was unknown, but I knew that I had been under a lot of stress for a long time.  I had an older brother Frank who had been diagnosed with MS in 1984 while he was in his early thirties and I was 48 at the time of my first episode.  For many, many months I was in big time denial.  I slept all the time, lost touch with my Shaklee friends, and sunk into a morass of “poor me”.  The disease was in remission but I felt terrible most of the time.

Basically, I could not tell if it was the disease MS, the pharmaceuticals prescribed to deal with the disease or the menopause that I was in at this stage of my life.  My regimen consisted of:
1.     Since I had zero energy in the morning, they prescribed Provigil and then Adderall to help counteract the fatigue.  I got out of bed but I had no appetite and began to lose a lot of weight. 
2.     The interferon B called Avonex was an intramuscular shot that I had to have once a week.  For 2-3 days after taking the interferon I felt like I was beaten up with a baseball bat.  So they prescribed the anti-inflammatory Cellebrex and then Mobic for me to take when Cellebrex fell into disfavor with doctors.
3.     At night, I took Lorazapam to go to sleep because I had big time insomnia.

None of my MS doctors wanted to know about my food supplement regimen, but just told me to do whatever it was I was doing and take the Avonex for the rest of my life.

I got back in touch with my Shaklee sales leader, Susan Lehman, who helped me a lot to again start taking Shaklee.  She felt, and I later found to be true, that the Avonex was negating all the good I was doing with the supplements.  Then I went to a nutritionist who helped me with a “holistic, nutritional” approach for my MS, but she took me off my Shaklee.  Her regimen was very expensive.  However, she immediately weaned me from the Adderall because one side effect is that it took away my appetite. I was starving myself and you cannot starve MS.  You need to eat well and sleep well.

My nutritionist recommended a neurologist for me to see and he had a Masters in Nutrition.  When I met with him in April 2005, he looked at my two MRIs from 1999 and 2003.  The second one was better than the first one.  He informed me that Avonex could only prove it effectiveness in clinical studies for up to a year.  I had been on Avonex for 6 years!  So he saw no real harm in telling me to go off the Avonex for a while, and see what would happen.  When I told my MS Center in New Jersey that I was going off the Avonex, they were outraged and pleaded with me not to do it.  I had reached a fork in the road.  

Then Shaklee came out with Nutriferon.  I was thrilled!  A “natural” interferon took the place of the synthetic Avonex.  Believing that MS is an overactive immune system turned inward on my nerve pathways, perhaps I could put it back more in balance with Nutriferon and Shaklee supplements. I decided to commit completely to Shaklee because of their clinical research and their new products.

Suddenly, I had no terrible side effects.  I did not need the antidepressants, and anti-inflammatories. No more pills to wake me up and help me go to sleep at night.  I substituted:
Nutiferon for the Avonex
Moodlift and Shaklee Stress Relief Complex to replace the Anti-depressants
Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, Pain Relief Formula and Joint Relief Complex for the anti-inflammatory drugs Cellebrex and Mobic
Menopause Formula for my menopausal symptoms
Gentle Sleep Complex for my insomnia instead of the Lorazapam

For the first time in almost 7 years, I was not taking any pharmaceuticals for my MS and I was feeling great.  I had the energy to join a small health club and exercise again.  I gained weight, and people kept telling me how good I looked.

One quick note: the pharmaceuticals cost $1200 per month.  The Avonex alone was $1000 a month and the Nutriferon is only $38.25 for a one-month supply although I do use two bottles a month .. $76.50 versus $1000.   Shaklee is win-win.

Finally, I feel great and I intend to stay with Shaklee for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much Susane Cohon for sharing your brave and amazing testimony on how you healed your body using a natural approach.

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  1. this is VERY interesting to me.... I was diagnosed with MS in 1994 just after my 13th birthday. I am currently 5'10" and barely 95 lbs! I live alone, on disability, and cant do much for myself which is why the state pays for a caregiver to come see me 4 to 7 days a week....and i'm declining even faster. my neighbor recently stopped me outside on my power chair and after sobbing awhile about how he has been watching me fade away physically, cognitively, emotionally..... after a long talk, he told me about Shaklee. Well, i'm on a VERY fixed income. my medications don't cost me anything......but after 20 something years, they aren't exactly "helping" so I sucked it up and signed up. having no idea about where to start, with all my symptoms, medications.... I ordered the 180 lean and healthy kit.... I would LOVE to get more information from you about your experience and any recommendations you may have! I have the kit, but im very nervous cause of all the medications I take. I want to start as soon as I know more about if I purchased the right thing....any help? :-D

    1. Lisa, Please contact me via email or give me a ring on my office phone (410) 903-4076.
      I am prying for your recovery and that your body gets healthy enough to repair the damage from MS. Yes, Shaklee can only help. There are a few key products I would suggest to add to the lean & healthy kit.