Saturday, February 8, 2014

Easy GLUTEN FREE Mac & Cheese

8 oz Macaroni (gluten free of course!)
We love Quinoa Pasta by Andrea Dream (gluten & corn free)
This pasta comes in many shapes but we prefer the straight macaroni version best, the other shapes (shells, twists...) don't seem to cook as easily. either too hard or too mushy.

1-2 TBSP Butter

4 oz Heavy Cream (I never said this was low fat, did I? lol)

6-8oz (about 1 cup) Shredded or cubed Cheddar Cheese (we buy it by the block and shred, slice or cube it ourself-money saver!)

1-2tsp Garlic powder (we love garlic here, sometimes we use fresh minced garlic instead!)

Salt & Pepper to taste

*tip: add taco seasoning or italian seasoning for a different spin on this dish!

1. Cook macaroni as directed (if pasta is cooked before cheese sauce is ready, add a bit of oil or butter to keep it from drying out, place lid on top.
2. Melt butter on medium heat otherwise you will burn it.
3. Add heavy cream and cheese.
mix as it melts.
4. Add spices.
5. Once melted pour over macaroni

*If you really want that extra cheesy, gourmet touch top it with more cheese & bake in the boiler until cheese is bubbly and slightly brown.

This recipe goes great as a side dish with any lean protein. 
Add a steamed fresh veggie & you got an awesome, healthier meal!


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