Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Warm {protein} Mocha Latte

Finally a healthy version of this loved treat!
This version also contains 24 grams of plant based protein and less than 300 calories. Compare that to a Starbucks vent mocha (over 400 calories& 17g protein-from milk) or a Dunkin Donuts mocha latte (almost 400 calories & 14 g protein -from milk). 

This protein also is packed with a fat fighting, metabolism boosting ingredient no other warm/hot drink will have....LEUCINE!
Leucine is an amino acid that helps to maintain and build muscle while losing the kind of weight you don't want, FAT!

So, low in calories, high in the right kind of lean body building protein and SUPER yummy!
Sounds like a winner to me.

Just a few steps away from this delish treat....

1 scoop of each CAFE LATTE and CHOCOLATE protein powder
We use & trust only the Shaklee protein for many reasons, we talked about it HERE. For anything warmed, heard, baked or cooked it is important to use a protein powder that has been designed to be heated. If you do not, it will clump, taste nasty and will actually lose any nutritional benefit upon heating. 

Mix/blend well
(we use blender bottles like this one)

Either warm in a pan on stove or in microwave until slightly warm. I would suggest the stove top to better control the temperature and it is safer than using microwaves.  If you use the microwave, pop it in there for 40 seconds at a time until it is at the desired temperature.

Top with whipped cream if desired & ENJOY!

*if you desire a stronger version of this treat, you can always add hot brewed coffee to the mix!

What is your favorite warm or hot beverage?

Stay warm my friends,

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