Friday, January 31, 2014

Cheddar Taco Shells

Since going "gluten free", I'm also limiting my exposure to all grains including corn (which by the way is almost always GMO-Genetically ModifiedOrganism, nasty stuff!).
I love me some crunchy taco shells, which are typically corn. Hmm, what's a girl to do?
Well, this girl right here got on Pinterest (ahhh-ha!)! Fried cheese molded into the gape of a taco shell or a bowl or a heart? Sounds great to me. It's like eating the slightly burnt cheese on dare I say it, PIZZA (my long lost!).
So here is this super simple way to cut gluten/grains/corn out of your taco night.

Cheese (cheddar or pepper jack works best)
Pan & spatula
*yup that's it!
I would suggest using a non stick griddle type of pan, it is much easier to work with.
Plop shredded cheese on a hot griddle/pan, cook until brown then flip. Once both sides are browned, lay over a wooden spoon that is laying across a pot/pan to shape the "burnt" cheese into a "taco" shell shape.
Let cool, then fill with your favorite taco/fajita filling!

So, super simple or what?

Have a great day,

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