Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why wait? Start Now!

Seriously WHY WAIT?

It seems to be a THING to start a healthy "diet" on January 1st.
When really becoming healthy & fit needs to be a regiment that can be accomplished easily on a daily basis.
When things are simple & easy to follow we (humans) tend to stick with it.
It is important to find what your reason is for getting healthy. Not just "I want to lose weight" or "I want to be skinny". Your reason can be deeper and more meaningful, such as "I want to be active with my kids" or "I no longer want to be unhealthy and be sick all the time!"
When your reason is deep enough, that is what will get you through your most "un-motivational" days (let's face it, we all have them).

My reason was made for me, really!
When I was told I had about 10 years before my organs would fail, that seemed like enough motivation to me.
My reasoning went deeper, it became my passion to keep up with my boys.
I have Ice Hockey playing, busy boys.

I also have been operating a successful licensed daycare (all by myself). So you see, being healthy was more than just a weighty issues, it affected everyone I loved and cared about. 
I could only image had I not decided to make changes, I would be on a donor list waiting for an organ transplant??? or worse, not here at all!

Here are a few of the most common questions I get:

Is this for women only?
No, Men enjoy this healthy program as well. My own husband dropped 2 belt sizes and is not maintaining with a healthy diet and the "Lean & Healthy" kit. This program is great for over weight teens as well.

Are the products gluten free?
Yes. Shaklee does NOT use Gluten in anything. 

I'm Diabetic, is this safe for me?
The Shaklee 180 products have been specially designed to remain low glycemic, which means they are a perfect solution for any diabetic. 
It is important to always speak with your doctor about your health, we are all unique.

Is this program safe during nursing or pregnancy?
Yes. Keep in mind that you must add in the extra calories recommended by your doctor to remain healthy for your baby. The program would not be used as a means for weight loss, rather a program to remain healthy. We also do not recommend the use of the metabolic boost as it raises your metabolism. You should also discuss the consumption of caffeine (green tea) with your doctor to be sure it is safe for you during pregnancy or nursing.

What does it cost?
A typical Shaklee 180 day cost about $7. 
This includes:
2 meals & some snacks
Energy tea
Metabolic Boost
App for keeping track of progress
Healthy challenge gifts & prizes
all the vitamins & nutrients you need to be healthy
*Private FaceBook Group for motivation, recipes & more!
{Try getting all that for around $7!}

Think about this: You would be shopping for an entire month at one time! This program includes enough food for 60 meals, 1 tea a day, vitamins and even 20 snacks!

My message here is this....
...Why wait to do a healthy turnaround?
Maybe you have 100 lbs to lose 
Maybe you have 10 or 20 lbs to lose
Maybe you are not looking to lose any weight, but just feel healthy

We can help you start on the right track with the right system.

Click on the button to get more information!

Get moving in the right direction,

Have a great day!

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