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Why I partnered with Dr. Mom

Dr. MomEcoNetwork
Mystery Diagnosis Support

My family made the decision to partner with a Network of Moms who like myself were struggling to keep my family healthy.

My oldest son was suffering from ADHD and was diagnosed with Aspergers (Autism). We have seen multiple specialist who ultimately would prescribe him medication to help with the hyper activity, which eventually gave him insomnia. Because of the insomnia the specialist wanted to prescribe him sleeping pills.

Both of my children were suffering from asthma and allergies and would have seasonal eczema.

I myself had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's (thyroid disease), I too suffered from asthma & allergies. On a more personal note, my body and mind were a mess. I was morbidly obese and always was irritable and basically felt like I was in a mental fog all the time. Doctors would tell me to not eat as much, workout more...take some diet pills! 
Basically I felt like they were telling me there was nothing they could do to help.

Honestly there wasn't anything they could do, I had to do it for myself!

This desperation led me down a path of further destruction into weight loss surgery. 
You can read more about that here.

After multiple emergency room visits and what seemed like endless amounts of prescription drugs, 
I realized, conventional medicine was not working for my family.

I did my research and what kept popping up was the nutritional component of health. 

It really was a no brainer, we are what we eat and what we expose ourselves to. 
The problem for me was that I had no idea where to start.

One of the best things about joining The Dr.MoM Network is the support, resource and weekly webinars. 
To Join the group go HERE
At first I logged on weekly to hear what they were talking about and learned so much about why we were so sick all the time. 
More importantly I learned of simple things I could do to make improvements, baby steps to health!
Joining this group is completely FREE! 
(This was important since we are declaring a War on Debt to be debt & mortgage free in just a few years!)

Because I am a Mom, I started with the main ailment both my children suffered from, Asthma. 
I was reading more and more about toxins in the household cleaners and how they could trigger asthma, allergies and even weight gain. 

I decided to swap out my toxic cleaners (the stuff you buy at the stores) for non toxic cleaners, 
you can learn about the brand we use here.

This is when I met Founder and creator of Dr. Mom ECO Network!

Lisa is such a warm hearted person, never pushing me to purchase anything, 
she would just recommend things to me to try & insisted that anything I tried and was unhappy with I could stop trying and get a full refund.
(that was music to my ears, we had already spend an obscene amount on prescription drugs with no type of refund offered)

She is a mother of 5 and a grandmother to 3! 
I could not believe how well she looked and how active she was. 
I thought I have no idea what she is doing but I want to do it too!

She introduced me to the idea that not all vitamins are created equal and the reasons why we need nutritional supplements.
(i.e., food depleted of nutrients, daily stress & added chemicals/toxins to food supply)

She also taught me about toxins in everyday household cleaners and even in our food supply.
As a certified trainer for the State of Maryland she is an awesome trainer with tons of information.

In just 6 short months of following her recommendations, we were all asthma free, allergy free and eczema free.

Because we took out many toxins and replaced with non toxic brands,
we began noticing improvements with my oldest son who was diagnosed with ADHD/Aspergers. 
(The sun began to shine once again!!)
His symptoms started to be more manageable. 
I am proud to say he has been medication free for over 2 years!

Another "side effect" is that I have lost weight, 
my husband is more fit, 
my children overall are healthy (never sick anymore)
and my relationships are much more enjoyable 
(I think my emotional status is better too!)

Now you are probably wondering 
What is Dr. Mom Eco Network?
It is a support group of moms to help
you find the missing puzzle pieces
for your child and you

E C O stands for....

E - Environment, How does the environment play a role in our health?
C - Choices, What choices do we have for our children?
O- Optimal Nutrition, Nutrition and how it plays a role in our health

This network will help you or your family with resources and support. 

Basically Lisa and Dr. Mom has completely changed my life for the better!
(I'm giving Lisa a BIG virtual HUG!)

If you or a loved one is suffering from ailments that you feel conventional medicine is not helping to "cure", if you want a better life, if you need to take control of your weight or just want to be fit & feel better, 
contact Dr. Mom ECO Network NOW!
Go Here to learn more

We have found that missing puzzle piece with Dr.MoM

Because we were so impressed with Dr. Mom we made the decision to partner with them to be a local Dr.Mom Partner. 

What does this mean?
It means that I am part of a support group that helps families. 
I help families by hosting "Healthy Moms" webinars and finding resources to share with others. 
Most of all we help support each other. There is an emotional component to raising children especially if they are suffering from some ailment that is undiagnosed or wrongfully diagnosed.

Another aspect of partnering with Dr. Mom is the fact that I have learned how I could be a stay at home mom and earn income if I wanted. I know there are many Moms out there that would love to raise their children and contribute to the household income.
Because I love my full time career (Child Daycare), I decided to continue doing both.
I chose to continue with my full time job and partner with Dr. Mom part time. 

Helping others to live DEBT FREE!
We are paying off debt and reaching our goal of being completely debt & mortgage FREE in a few years. 
Dr. Mom also offers training and resources on how to change the day we view money, earning money and paying off debt once and for all!

 Dr. Mom has:
-Helped to make me and my entire family healthy
-Helped me earn more income
-Offerred me an opportunity to be a stay at home mom
-Connected me with other parents who understand the trails we are going through
-Showed me where to go for resources in my community

All this for FREE!
I hope this helps some of you out there to know there are others going through the same thing and there is REAL help.

Have a great Day,

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