Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teachers & Parent Healthy Survival Kit

Teachers & Parent Survival Kit

Many of you know I run a licensed daycare and like teachers, I come across many germs (YUCK!)
I get asked often why I do NOT get sick like the parents and children do.
My short answer is typically SHAKLEE!
Here is my long answer.....

Why? Why are we stressed?
Classrooms are full of sneezing, coughing & germs!
Stress decreases interferon (immunity support), making you more susceptible to germs.
Teachers & Parents require tons of energy to keep up with the children.

When we evoke the body's stress response, we deplete...
B Vitamins -essential for the nervous system and the brain. They also help regulate hormones & blood sugar (Happy Pill!)
B Vitamins are also depleted by consuming SUGAR, REFINED CARBS (bread/pasta), ALCOHOL & CAFFEINE.

When we think about stress we sometimes forget that our children or for teachers their students can feed off our stress. 
When we are stressed they get stressed and it becomes a vicious circle that at times can seem unbearable. 
This hinders our ability to be our best and their ability to learn and develop they way we intended.

Supplements that can help to bullet-proof Immune

Vita Lea –complete  multi, well absorbed, economical (@$11/mo)

Vita C – sustained release over 5 hours, 500 mg

Nutriferon –4 herbal extracts that help the body produce interferon naturally .. A major component of the immune system

Morning Protein Shakes (180 Smoothees is interested in weight control)

Special Energy Boosters

Shaklee Energy Chews (from green tea plus 2 amino acids the brain uses for focus & alertness, portable and yummy)

Shaklee Energy Tea

For Extra Support When You Need It

Shaklee Defend & Resist

Shaklee Premium Garlic Complex

Immunity Formula I

My family trusts Shaklee for many reasons, this being the #1.....
.......Shaklee will never compromise on quality, safety, purity or potency
....Which happens all too often in the marketplace putting the consumer at risk.

Shaklee was requested to be part of a 20 year LANDMARK study to test the results from vitamin users against non vitamin users and folks who consumed another national brand.

    • A recent 8 week study used Shaklee's Vitalizer which contains all of this...

      I'll stick with taking this...
      *Exclusive 12 Patents *Effective 14 Studies 
      *Powerful 80 Bio-Optimized Nutrients *4 Delivery Systems

      The recent 8 week study dramatically decreased Cholesterol, triglycerides & blood pressure!
      (It won't take you 20 years to feel better, just a few weeks!)

      A perfect solution for Teachers & Parents is the Lean & Healthy Kit from Shaklee. It offers everything we need to stay healthy and alert. The kit includes the essential vitamins and minerals in both pill form and in a daily protein Smoothee.

      Best Breakfast on the Planet
      *Fights Hunger
      *Stevia & Natural Sugars
      *Leucine Helps You Keep Muscle (stay strong/burn calories efficiently)
      *Fiber for Digestive health
      *Low Glycemic Index for Stable Blood Sugar

      When you combine all of these with a HEALTHY diet & active lifestyle (which most parents & teachers are active), You will remain healthy and able to do your job as a Parent and/or teacher.

      Information from:
      Joanette Coogan (middle school instructor)
      Katie Odom (K-8 spanish teacher/middle school science teacher)
      Professor Steve Chaney, PhD (Nutrition/Cancer Research at University of North Carolina)

      I hope this helps all my Teacher Friends and those many Parents struggling to maintain good health & ENERGY!


  1. I really impressed and enjoy reading this. Thanks for posting like this.Good job! survival kit

  2. A survival kit is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance as an aid to survival in an emergency.

  3. Kit - apparently you have not worked with children to know it's like going into battle some days and we must be prepared! ha lol!!