Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meals On The Road

If you follow me on Facebook or this blog, I'm sure you know by know I've been in Nashville, Tennessee on a "business" trip. 
Okay, it's really been a fun adventure of a trip with some "biz" mixed in.

One of the problems most folks have with maintaining a healthy diet is when they travel or go on a vacation. 
We have learned to organize my road trips enough where we can enjoy our time, but still eat healthy satisfying meals & snacks.

Here I am in the bathroom of our room at the Opryland Gaylord Hotel
Yes I know it looks kinda crazy! Seriously, with 3,000 rooms this is the largest hotel/resort in the USA that is not for gambling! I'll post soon about my entire trip with tons of photos!
I was using an electric skillet to cook up a few turkey burgers & a medley of cut up veggies that we also would snack on.
I then added this to a mixture of organic salad greens, tossed with a dressing from Trader Joes. I usually make my own dressing using seasonings, avocado and olive oil, but the time before we headed out the door did not permit this.

We sat on our balcony watching over 100 people wait "hungrily" in line to pay crazy money for grab & go sandwiches or salads. 
Needless to say this idea of prepping & preparing our own food alloyed us more time to relax & discuss business goals and to reflect on the day.
Another option for meals is the Shaklee 180 smoothees & bars. 
They kept us going & um...regular! LoL
Sometimes travel can SLOW things down a bit. Hehe
Here is another meal we enjoyed, tuna melt on a whole wheat, multi grain (no fructose syrup!) pita pocket & some stir fry  veggies :-).  Yum!
So how did I prep?
1. Plan out each day & each meal
Basically I sat down with my hubby, evaluated what I already had in my refrigerator and designed meals using what I had first. Then We talked about other meal ideas that would be yummy & quick to make.
2. Shop. Stick to the meal plan & list. It is very easy to start throwing things in the cart that seem like a great idea, but maybe not the healthiest.
3. Plan for grab & go snacks. We chose the Shaklee 180 snack & meal bars and bbq snack crisp first since they contain leucine which helps keep hunger at bay. The new would carry around fresh sliced veggies and a dill dip (this was also a pre made thing, but usually I like to make my own). My hubby really loves yogurt so I sprung and bought a few yogurt cups too!
4. Depending on how far you are traveling, pack accordingly. We used a ruling cooler and also a insulated bag for our travel. Our drive was about 11 hours! Once we checked in we immediately set up our "kitchen". 

We stored all the perishable foods in a mini fridge (it was so full we could barely close!)

When we think about the time & money we saved by living by design instead of default, we chuckle and praise each other for putting in the effort and commitment to create a healthy life!

Here is one more pic of the view from the balcony. The line for lunch wrapped all the way up those stairs to the left and across the bridge! 
We sat relaxed eating out healthy food, enjoying each others company :-)
Now that is living by design!

Have a great day!,


  1. We always cook when we are traveling, not only to eat healthy, but save money too.

  2. Hey! I just popped over from Do Small Things with Love's Happy Hour Friday! I have literally NEVER thought of cooking in the hotel room but really it's brilliant!!! Hubby and I are hitting Galvestong, Texas this weekend for a 3 day vacation and some of the food prices are outrageous! I will definitely be giving this a try this weekend. Thanks!

    1. Let me know how your trip goes, come back and tell us!

  3. What a clever idea to bring a hot plate, I wish I had the foresight to have done this in the past. I'll be doing in from now on. Thank you for sharing this clever tip at Fluster's Creative Muster party. Now that you found our party I hope that you'll continue to join us every Tuesday evening.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

    1. I love to party! So, YES I will be at your online party :-)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I am impressed! Cooking in the hotel bathroom! Great job!

    1. My thought was not to set off the smoke detector, the vent in the bathroom would stop that from happening! LOL!

  5. This is so great! I love your planning ahead and your meals look goooood! We're planning a trip in November and we usually rent a house but if we end up in a hotel I'm going to try to plan and take a skillet.

    I host a new linkup on Tuesdays for weight loss and health tips and tricks - I'd love for you to link this post or any like it - you have some very helpful ideas!


    1. Weightloss, Health tips & tricks? Count me in!! Actually please contact me
      I would love to discuss guest opting :-)