Friday, August 16, 2013

Mail Box Make-Over

(for less than $100)
We have been wanting to update our mailbox for 9 years! 
What in the world took so long? 
WELL, many other "to-do" projects and oh yeah, children! 
We could not ignore it any longer, it was leaning so bad that the Mail Carrier began walking up the driveway to hand me the mail. 
I think she was being subtle?

You can see in the picture above how much it was leaning (and how ugly it was). 
We tried our best to prop it up with large rocks we gathered on one of our trips to several New England Beaches. 
Now I'm wondering if that would be stealing? 
Hmm, we are Native New Englanders and they say possession is 9/10 of the law, so......?

My wonderful Mr. Fix-it Hubby. We purchased a kit from Lowes. It included the post wrap (plastic). The we purchased the mail box and the new wooden post separately. The old wooden post was rotted. This is when we found out that the old post was never cemented in. This would explain why it was always swaying in the wind. After cementing it, it now stands sturdy :-)
My husband has a creative side to him that he has most recently been taping into. 
Remember the Laundry Closet Make-Over? He had a lot of input into the design and storage ideas too!

It turned out quite nice, Thanks Hubby!

Here lies the old mailbox & termite riddled post on the dead grass! (how fitting)

The next task will be to plant something flowering around the post to "dress it up" a bit. With it being the dead of summer, we may just wait till Spring, or maybe some mums in the Fall, what do you think?

Have a Great Day,


  1. Looks great! How does the mailman like it? :)

  2. We don't have these mail boxes in the UK, they are a uniquely American thing


  3. This came out great! My husband is no Mr. Fix-It and his mothers mailbox is teetering. A kit he might be able to handle... never heard of such a thing. When I click above on DIY & Makeovers it takes me off your blog and says DNS error. Just wanted to let you know. :) I'm visiting form Monday Funday Linky Party. Thank you!

  4. Great project and it looks so nice! Thanks for linking up to All My Bloggy Friends - Shared this on Facebook :)

    1. Thanks again for linking up to All My Bloggy Friends last week - I hope you'll join us again tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what you've been working on this week! :)

  5. We have a shared mailbox with the neighbors across the street. He got tired of the way it looked, so he just redid both of ours one day :) If I ever move and have to redo my own I will definitely be looking at this pin to figure out how! Thank you so much for joining us and sharing at Best of the Weekend! Pinning to our party board. Have a great week and please join us next Friday.

  6. I love it! I'm hosting a giveaway for $100 in throw pillows at my blog. You should swing by and enter!

  7. What a fun project! I love the new look! We'll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow :)

  8. Your new mailbox looks great.

  9. Yay! How awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us in the Bowdabra Crafty Showcase! We all loved it!
    Don't forget that the new showcase is open from Fri. midnight--Thur. noon!

    Susie @Bowdabra