Monday, July 8, 2013


I often get asked if Shaklee is for men too?
In fact, many of the top Shaklee athletes are men.

I'll go on to further say that many of the top business leaders in Shaklee are men as well.
(This does not mean us women aren't great too! LoL)

The mountain biker pictured above is my husband, he is breaking out into competitive biking...and guess what he is almost 40! 
He is running circles around bikers half his age. I am so proud of him. I am so happy he is living out a dream and accomplishing a goal he has had for a long time. 
I'm even happier that Shaklee has been there to help him achieve his goal.

My Hubby uses Shaklee 180 products daily.
His favorite is what my family calls a "Monkey Shake". This is chocolate protein, banana and peanut butter. 
He blends it all in the vitamix blender with a ton of ice, sometimes it looks and tastes like ice cream! 
(my boys really love that!)

The other product he takes daily is Vitalizer for men.

This product was part of a 20 year long landmark study that proved Shaklee users were healthier after those 20 years than non vitamin users or synthetic vitamin users. Shockingly enough, the non vitamin users were better off than the folks who consumes synthetic vitamins. 
Those poor folks thought they were doing good by taking vitamins and they actually were hurting themselves. 

The other products that my Hubby loves are is from the Sports Nutrition Line.

These are the products many Gold winning athletes use & trust and for good reason. With all the quality tests Shaklee does and guarantees the safety of every product. The Athletes are confident they will put in the best and get out the best of every product they use from Shaklee.

My Hubby loves the energy chews.
He takes then before he workout. 
He also uses them while he is on duty when he is feeling tired due to shift work.  
Did I mention he is a Police Officer? And a Bike Cop too. 
Yes, we lead a crazy life, but it's our life :-)

The Performance pure hydration drink works better than any sport type drink or water alone. 
I swear he drinks gallons of it during the hot months. 
He is probably the #1 customer of Performance!!

After a hefty workout, to repair his muscles and keep from being sore, he will make a protein shake using Physique. Although he consumes the 180 smoothees regularly, it is a good change to introduce the Physique formula once in a while too.

Well, there you have it! Is Shaklee for Men? What do you think?

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