Sunday, July 21, 2013

Breakfast has been served!

There is no denying it, I MISS breakfast...I mean the stacks of pancakes, links of sausage & strips of bacon dripping in syrup!! 
Okay now let's get back to reality, all that is part of what got my weight up to 298llbs and kept me there. It was the reality that my body could no longer handle the excess weight and my organs were starting to fail that prompted me to GET REAL!

So, here I am keeping steady at about 185lbs (that's a loss of over 100lbs!!). 

Although the two weightloss surgeries I had helped me lose weight, 
I also gained it back and became extremely unhealthy in the process. 

it wasn't until I was told I would have about 10-15 years before my organs would fail, that I decided right there and then that I would be the ONE responsible for my heath. I would no longer depend of medicine, doctors or any further surgeries to FIX my problem.

I started changing my diet. No more white sugar, processed foods, artificial dyes or sweeteners. 
We also rid the house of 99% gluten. 
I can thank my oldest son for this change, he has ADHD/Aspergers. Research told to me that eliminating these few things would help him become drug/medicine free & it DID!

I knew I needed to do something different to expect a different outcome
but I did not know what to do & neither did the Doctors. 

Today, I am the healthiest I think I have ever been in my 36 years of life.

I know my determination is the why I did not give up, 
however I know it was the products and the philosophy I learned from 
SHAKLEE that helped me on this road. 
For this I am forever thankful SHAKLEE is part of my life.

Today I am sharing my version of a SWAP-OUT for pancakes.
I hope you try them as a healthy alternative for those gluten, sugary pancakes we have grown up on.

Super Simple Banana Pancakes

1 banana (smashed)
2 eggs
2 TBSP Almond Flour
*Almond meal works great too
1/4 cup Shaklee Protein Powder
*I used vanilla flavor
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Mix ingredients together
2. cook on hot, greased griddle (flat pan)
*I used coconut oil to grease the pan

- mini chocolate chips
- blueberries
-strawberry pieces
-pecans (chopped small)
-walnuts (chopped small)

*In our house we mix agave nectar & maple line (maple extract) to make our version of maple syrup. Agave can be found at most food stores and even BJ'S!

Try these & let me know what you think,

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