Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Friday before Father's Day!
What are you all making or doing for the Dad's in your life?
We decided to be super frugal & use what we had on hand.
Using my MAC (ok & google) I designed (ok cut & paste too!) the printed portions if the craft. My kiddos painted the terra-cotta pot using white or silver paint.
Then I hot glued the printed designed to the pot. My boys filled the pot with Hershey kisses. We made the flag using lollipop sticks from and baking project that was left over and card stock. It was all put together & BAM! It's done
Not bad for less than $1, huh?
If you had to purchase everything I believe it would look like this:
Pot $.88
Paint $1
Paper to print on $1 
Hot glue $.25
* this if course friends on how many you need.

Hope you all take the time to honor those Fathers or Father figures in your life.

Happy Father's Day

ps -I wrote this post from my iPhone, so if its messed up, sorry. I will fix it later :-)

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