Friday, June 14, 2013

5 ingredient Organic chicken soup

Just what the doctor ordered! Homemade organic chicken soup.
The doctor you ask?
Ok, here is the story. From a surgery I had years ago I developed problems swallowing & with reflux. I have in the past aspirated liquid (water) into my lungs. This time apparently hours after I ate, I fell asleep and I experienced reflux and aspirated food particles into my lung. Since I have experience with aspiration, I knew immediately what happened. Usually I can clear it out & shake it off (yeah, I'm tuff like that, huh).
After 2 days, pain in back and side then chest all on the same side, I started contemplating a dr visit. It wasn't until day 3 with a foul odor when I exhaled that triggered me to get to the doc. The best way to describe the odor is rotten broccoli (I had not eaten broccoli in weeks!).
I was sent for a chest X-ray and told that if I did not hear back in 5 days to call the doc.
The X-ray tech would not let me leave until she got that doc on the phone. It was for sure pneumonia! Great! 
That evening I took my 1st dose of antibiotics & was craving chicken soup. 
I went off to the store....I should have stopped once I got to my vehicle and realized I forgot to put my shoes on!
I was determined to get what I needed for a hot cup of soup.
I returned from the store safely by the way :-)

Whole chicken (3lbs)
4-6 carrots (unpeeled & cut in half)
4-6 celery sticks (cut in half)
1-2 onions peeled & halved)

1. Place entire chicken & halfed veggies in pot, cover with water (enough to cover all ingredients)
2. Bring to boil, then reduce to medium heat until meat is falling off the bones.
3. Remove chicken & veggies from pot. Slice veggies into bite sized pieces, add to pot.
4. Debone chicken (or get your hubby to do it because its gross) then return to pot.
5. Add salt and pepper if desired.

That's it!
Sure it was 8pm before I ate (because I started so late) 
Sure the drive to the market, I don't really recall (thanks fever) was delish!
I bet if you try this, you will never buy canned chicken soup ever again!
Try & let me know what you think!

Have a healthy evening,

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