Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something to ponder?

1. Living by the Golden Rule is a rewarding way to live.
- Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you! Pretty simple, right?
2. Not all supplements are created equal.
- most supplements may start out calling themselves "whole or real food", but then they add a bunch of yucky stuff to make it affordable or to hold the pill together. Our bodies can only process real or wholefood supplements.
3.There is at least 1 company with integrity and uncompromising quality in their products & customer service (yeah, I'm talking about Shaklee!).

Can you say this about your JOB or how about the companies you purchase your daily and nutritional supplements from?

Something to ponder?
Have a great evening,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Busy Mom Workout - No Excuses!

Meet Ashley Kepley, a fellow FaceBook friend who is dedicated to helping busy Moms regain their health through proper nutrition and exercise. Not only has she been involved in sports and fitness from a very young age, Ashley is also a certified personal trainer, so she knows how to get people "Nshape"!
Starting her own in-home personal training business called Get NShape LLC shows her dedication to her profession. She even meets up with her fellow South Carolina folks to offer group boot camps training sessions at local parks. Her experience extends to all ages groups and fitness levels. Although she is focusing on Busy Moms here, she has trained both men and women.

"I am very passionate about fitness and believe that everyone should be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. My biggest goal is to see all of my clients happy and healthy." - Ashley Kepley

Are you a busy mom always on the go? 
I bet you are so busy working, taking care of the kids, and rushing from place to place that you never have time for yourself. 
You always say you will workout tomorrow….. but does tomorrow ever really come? 
If this sounds like your life, I have something just for you!
I have put together a great 5 minute workout for you to try and really burn some calories. 
Yes, that’s right, I said 5 MINUTES! 
There are usually 5 spare minutes to squeeze in a workout every day. You can do it before you shower, before bed, or as an energy booster in the morning. You can go at your own pace with all of these exercises, but remember you only get out what you put in! 
If you really push yourself for just 5 minutes a day you will start to feel better, have more energy, and begin to see results! I know you can do it if you set your mind to it. Just find your extra 5 minutes and use them to your advantage. 
Remember EVERY little bit counts! Don’t give up!!
Here’s how it works…… Just pick 3 exercises a day. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times
Your first set is the warm up so take it slower than the last two sets. 

On your last set you should be giving it 100%. 
Take a 15-30 second rest break between each exercise.
15 seconds for the more advanced and 30 seconds for the beginner.
*Don’t ever leave a workout thinking you could have done more! 
Find your 5 minutes and have fun! 
Push Ups

High Knees
Squat Jumps

Jumping Jacks

Plank Jacks

V- Ups

No matter what your age, weight, or shape it’s never too late to Get NShape!

If you would like to contact Ashley Kepley here she is:
Phone:(704) 668-4346

Friday, June 14, 2013

5 ingredient Organic chicken soup

Just what the doctor ordered! Homemade organic chicken soup.
The doctor you ask?
Ok, here is the story. From a surgery I had years ago I developed problems swallowing & with reflux. I have in the past aspirated liquid (water) into my lungs. This time apparently hours after I ate, I fell asleep and I experienced reflux and aspirated food particles into my lung. Since I have experience with aspiration, I knew immediately what happened. Usually I can clear it out & shake it off (yeah, I'm tuff like that, huh).
After 2 days, pain in back and side then chest all on the same side, I started contemplating a dr visit. It wasn't until day 3 with a foul odor when I exhaled that triggered me to get to the doc. The best way to describe the odor is rotten broccoli (I had not eaten broccoli in weeks!).
I was sent for a chest X-ray and told that if I did not hear back in 5 days to call the doc.
The X-ray tech would not let me leave until she got that doc on the phone. It was for sure pneumonia! Great! 
That evening I took my 1st dose of antibiotics & was craving chicken soup. 
I went off to the store....I should have stopped once I got to my vehicle and realized I forgot to put my shoes on!
I was determined to get what I needed for a hot cup of soup.
I returned from the store safely by the way :-)

Whole chicken (3lbs)
4-6 carrots (unpeeled & cut in half)
4-6 celery sticks (cut in half)
1-2 onions peeled & halved)

1. Place entire chicken & halfed veggies in pot, cover with water (enough to cover all ingredients)
2. Bring to boil, then reduce to medium heat until meat is falling off the bones.
3. Remove chicken & veggies from pot. Slice veggies into bite sized pieces, add to pot.
4. Debone chicken (or get your hubby to do it because its gross) then return to pot.
5. Add salt and pepper if desired.

That's it!
Sure it was 8pm before I ate (because I started so late) 
Sure the drive to the market, I don't really recall (thanks fever) was delish!
I bet if you try this, you will never buy canned chicken soup ever again!
Try & let me know what you think!

Have a healthy evening,

Happy Father's Day

Happy Friday before Father's Day!
What are you all making or doing for the Dad's in your life?
We decided to be super frugal & use what we had on hand.
Using my MAC (ok & google) I designed (ok cut & paste too!) the printed portions if the craft. My kiddos painted the terra-cotta pot using white or silver paint.
Then I hot glued the printed designed to the pot. My boys filled the pot with Hershey kisses. We made the flag using lollipop sticks from and baking project that was left over and card stock. It was all put together & BAM! It's done
Not bad for less than $1, huh?
If you had to purchase everything I believe it would look like this:
Pot $.88
Paint $1
Paper to print on $1 
Hot glue $.25
* this if course friends on how many you need.

Hope you all take the time to honor those Fathers or Father figures in your life.

Happy Father's Day

ps -I wrote this post from my iPhone, so if its messed up, sorry. I will fix it later :-)