Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy New You?

Happy New Year!
Happy New You?

Are you ready to learn about the last weightloss inchloss program you will ever need?

Introducing the Shaklee 180!
You can join the challenge HERE

Included in this kit are customized flavors of smoothies and bars and even a great tasting energy tea!
{2 meals, a tea and a snack including your daily supplements to ensure you have no nutritional gaps all for under $10 per day! }
  This program is just that - a program. A program that will help you shed those unwanted pounds while keeping muscle. This muscle will help to keep your metabolism {and energy} running at full capacity to ensure maximum fat loss.

I personally lost 30lbs & 10 inches thanks to Shaklee 180.
  My Hubby took the challenge after watching me {not struggle losing the weight & inches} take the challenge. He saw my results. Actually I had him measure me before I began the 180 and then again about 2 months into my challenge. He took a double take and said "come here let me measure you again, this can't be right!?" Well, guess what? it was correct.  I would not let him tell me the results until I completed my 3 month challenge. Once my 3 months were completed, I then took the challenge of maintaining {although I still wanted to lose another 30 lbs}. I'm a big time skeptic and wanted to really challenge this program to see if it worked the way they said. It has been almost 1year and I still have not gained the lost weight back. 

Oh yeah, my hubby has went down 2 belt loops already!!! He is still losing :)

This program is for everyone anyone who wants to take the guess work out of "What do I eat. Because this plan is simple and easy to take along, it is perfect for the "on the go" folks.
Some of the success stories currently on the 180 program are:
Personal Trainers (perfect as a maintaining program as well as inch loss)
New Moms (perfectly safe while nursing, maintaining required caloric intake)
New Dads (they gain pregnancy weight too!)
Childcare workers
Postal Workers
Police Officers
Emergency Medical Response People

Since I have so many of you that are willing to take the challenge, I have decided to take it once again along with you! My goal is to shed these last 30lbs once and for all!

I wish all of you a prosperous new year!
Have a great day & join our challenge! 
~ Stacey