Monday, September 3, 2012

Vegas cont.....

Finally, I can post the other pics from Vegas.
It was a crazy couple weeks after returning, my poor son had to have his appendix removed! 

With all the craziness, I used my iPhone to upload these pics, which means they are not he best, but I really wanted to post them for you to see just how much fun we had!
But first my poor boy :( 
He is doing great now! The docs were very happy at how well he was doing and how quickly he recovered from the surgery (I thank Shaklee supplements & protein for this!!)
How funny, Aiden actually requested this pic of him getting in the ambulance which transported him to DC Children's Hospital. He wanted to look cool, how funny!
The biggest perk of being the little brother, unlimited popsicles!

Now that the kids are back on schedule and both are in school.....

.....Here are the remaining pics from Vegas.
This is the stage at the MGM. It was crazy to think that just a few weeks after the convention the iHeart radio concert that is all over the radio and news will be held on the same stage! I have been saying that Shaklee peeps are "ROCK STARS!" hehe

The workshops were awesome, great speakers and great topics.
In one class, my hubby really enjoyed the speaker, I think because of the music from rocky!
I found and ordered his book, thanks for the motivational speech Muzafer.
I was super excited to meet olympians, Justin Dumais & Eli Bremmer. I was excited, but not for the reasons you would expect, yes of course they are extremely chiseled, but I was excited to meet two accomplished athletes, I think deep down I wish I could excel in a sport :(
A funny fact about how this pic was taken: I was in line for something else and they started to announce they were going to be closing the expo, my hubby (being awesome) stood in that line for me, I got over there just in time for the pic which my hubby took! Now isn't that love? He stood inline for me so that I could take a photo with 2 other men! LOL

We also got the time to dine at Emril's. For those of you who do not know, Emril Lagasse is from Fall River, Massachusetts. The same town I am from! I was amazed at how good the food was. YUM!


The week ended with the Gala, we got all fancied up and hear some great speakers and was entertained!
Extrodinary transformations!

Me sporting my fushia top hat
Future leaders!

Me and Roger Barnett (CEO & Owner of Shaklee)
Here we are with Jenni & Nathan Oates, creators of, check it out!

At the fountain in the MGM

Did I mention I tortured myself by attending the very public burst workout? I'm just kidding, but it was very public. I mean my burst workouts are usually just me in my house! This was near 75 folks (maybe more, I can't be sure because I focusing on not falling down and remembering to breathe!)

"follow this sign to a WAKE-Up call!"
Yea, I was ready to conquer the world or at least a quick shower before more workshops!

Here I am at the casino
FYI- I do not gamble, so this was just to pose :)

Thank you Shaklee for great time! 

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