Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis
I'm sure many folks suffer from this aggravating pain.

I thought my plantar fasciitis was due to pounding from exercising and being the weight that I am. Well, now I am thinking it was not that at all. I was doing some reading (ya know playing a DR on the web!) and I came across an article about calcium deficiency and how it affects certain muscles. The article talks about cases of patients who complained about heel and arch pain until they increased their calcium intake.

So naturally, I said to my self, "Self, I bet we have a calcium issue going on here!"

I was already taking Osteomatrix, so I just took 2 more per day and literally in less than 24hrs I noticed I was walking normal. Keep in mind I am still exercising and just started ignoring the pain as though it would go away. I have been told so many times in the past that anything "wrong" with me is due to being obsess and to just loose weight (as if it is that easy?). If you research plantar fasciitis, the main reasoning is excessive weight and tightening of the calf muscles which pull on the muscle that goes under your heel to your arch.

I was trying everything, stretching, pulling, pushing on the area and even rolling my foot over a fro zed water bottle. Nothing seemed to fully take the dull pain away.

I am thankful that I know about natural option that will not hurt my health.
It has taken me a long time, but I have come to terms with the fact I am my own advocate and that my body can heal when given time and the proper nutrients to support the healing.

How are you feeling today? Do you have anything bothering you? 
Have you thought about how nutrition may be able to help your ailment?

Have a great day!

Stacey Lehn

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