Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis
I'm sure many folks suffer from this aggravating pain.

I thought my plantar fasciitis was due to pounding from exercising and being the weight that I am. Well, now I am thinking it was not that at all. I was doing some reading (ya know playing a DR on the web!) and I came across an article about calcium deficiency and how it affects certain muscles. The article talks about cases of patients who complained about heel and arch pain until they increased their calcium intake.

So naturally, I said to my self, "Self, I bet we have a calcium issue going on here!"

I was already taking Osteomatrix, so I just took 2 more per day and literally in less than 24hrs I noticed I was walking normal. Keep in mind I am still exercising and just started ignoring the pain as though it would go away. I have been told so many times in the past that anything "wrong" with me is due to being obsess and to just loose weight (as if it is that easy?). If you research plantar fasciitis, the main reasoning is excessive weight and tightening of the calf muscles which pull on the muscle that goes under your heel to your arch.

I was trying everything, stretching, pulling, pushing on the area and even rolling my foot over a fro zed water bottle. Nothing seemed to fully take the dull pain away.

I am thankful that I know about natural option that will not hurt my health.
It has taken me a long time, but I have come to terms with the fact I am my own advocate and that my body can heal when given time and the proper nutrients to support the healing.

How are you feeling today? Do you have anything bothering you? 
Have you thought about how nutrition may be able to help your ailment?

Have a great day!

Stacey Lehn

Friday, September 21, 2012


Free Supplements
I often get asked "what vitamins do you take?". Well, I'm considered quite the unique situation indeed. Because I have malnutrition due to bariatric (weightloss) surgery, nutrient supplementation needs to be increased and always, I mean forever must be consumed. The scenario goes like this, no matter how much of a "good" thing I eat or drink, it will never all get absorbed because so much of my intestines has been bypassed. "Normal" folks do much absorption in the area of the intestines that for me is not being used.

Here were my problem areas

It was not too long ago that I was considered severely anemic (I mean severe, my average ferritin level was 2, a hematologist gets concerned when it drops to 12!).
Even weekly iron infusion (IV drip) did not help. 

I also was dealing with deficiencies in:
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Vitamin K

Before Shaklee came into my life, I tried every way to get these things back within normal range, nothing seemed to help.
B12 shots (my poor hubby was injecting stabbing me every week)
My body proved that consuming synthetic forms of the vitamins I was deficient in did not help me, in fact it made me feel worse. My levels were not budging and I felt crappy (no nice way to put it).

With any bariatric surgery folks are taught that ingesting high quality/low calorie protein is a main staple in their new diet for life. I had tried every thing on the market, even stuff from other countries. Most of it was unpalatable, I mean down right nasty. The stuff I could tolerate seemed to either upset my stomach or leave me hungry for more, not to mention it was expensive. It wasn't until about a year ago that I learned most soy based protein is genetically modified (GMO). 
Then I began consuming the protein from Shaklee that I felt a difference and full. 
It was then I learned that nothing from Shaklee is GMO, never.

To top the issues I was dealing with listed above, I was also coming to grips with the fact that my thyroid glands were being attacked by my own immune system. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. Since our thyroid/endocrin system controls basically every function within our body, I was at battle with myself. Before Shaklee my body was winning (or should I say loosing?). Now that I have armed my self with what I need to fight off anything that comes my way, I am in a WAY better place with my health. 
All my levels are higher than ever and my iron for the 1st time in almost 10 years is high normal! My thyroid will eventually die off which means I will need to take thyroid hormone for the rest of my life. Since I am taking the most natural form of the thyroid hormone, my body seems to be happy with it, so I am happy.

Here are my daily SHAKLEE supplements:

take quiz HERE

(great for allergies and digestion)
(naturally kills parasites/bugs, aides digestion)
(my newest addition to my armory, naturally raises serotonin levels, happy pills!!)

YES, to a "normal" person this may seem excessive, however how many prescription drugs to you see in my list? There is only one for my thyroid! 
Also, if you asked me how often I am sick, I would tell you it is rare. When I do get a cold, it only lasts for about 1-3 days. With working with children, I am very fortunate to not be sick more often.

The nest question I get asked is "Wow, that must be expensive?"
Not really. Keep in mind that because I had bariatric surgery, I knew going into it that I would be required to consume nutritional supplements no matter what. I listened to my surgeon and doctors and bought the expensive chewable brands designed specifically for bariatric patients (of course now I know those same doctors get a percentage of the sales!).
I was spending on average $190 per month on just the vitamins not including any protein I would red to eat as part of my diet.
Now my vitamins/supplements cost about $140.
So, $190 made me feel crappy OR $140 and feel better than I did 10 years ago? 
It's a NO brainer....GIVE ME SHAKLEE any day!

Now I feel that I have HEALTH insurance....because if you really think about it "health" insurance in our country is really not for healthy people. We should call it SICK insurance. We go to the doctors when we are sick not healthy. I cannot even say that I was going to the doctors to get healthy either. Please do not misunderstand me, doctors serve a great purpose, but just like people all doctors do not think the same, nor do they have the same philosophy on nutrition and how it affects our overall health.

By now you are asking "and how do you get them for free?"
After I realized I REQUIRED the SHAKLEE supplements (which did not take very long BTW), I became a distributor in an effort to help off set the cost of what I was consuming. That was my 1st and really only goal, breaking even. It would be many steps forward compared to what I was doing.
I began sharing how this company was helping me. Actually folks starting approaching me and asking what I was doing, they could see the difference. I was feeling the difference, but was not paying attention to how I looked. True story: Strangers approach me and tell me how nice my skin is! I was totally creeped out by this at first, now I say thank you and had them a business card or ask if they would like more information. 

I never in a ga-zillion years would ever think I would be distributing anything, EVER! I am not a salesperson, but I like to share and apparently I am getting better at it every day.
My belief in the products and the company have over powered my pride & ego....WOW!
Do you take Supplements? What supplements do you take? 
Ever wonder what is truly in those pills, capsules or tablets? If you would like more information on how to get an answer from your vitamin company, contact me directly HERE

Have a great weekend!
Stacey Lehn

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ever wonder why some folks just seem to never EVER get sick and others seem to stay ill?

What gives? 
You eat  healthy, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and even take vitamins, RIGHT?

Well folks, I'm here to tell that yes genetics may play a roll in how well your body deals with exposure to elements and viruses, but did you know that there is a way to increase your body's ability to warn off common viruses? 
We all have interferon. Here is the Wikipedia definition: Interferons (IFNs) are proteins made and released by host cells in response to the presence of pathogens such as virusesbacteriaparasites or tumor cells. They allow for communication between cells to trigger the protective defenses of the immune system that eradicate pathogens or tumors.
Disclaimer: Although I do not like to reference Wiki anything, the definition mirrored the medical dictionary definition however for us non MD's this is much easier to understand! However if you would like to try your hand at the medical dictionary, go HERE
Now that we have the legality of the definition out of the way, How can we increase our interferon you ask? Easy, consume a product discovered by a Nobel Prize winning Immunologist, Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima.
Video on Nutriferon

Dr. Kojima successfully isolated a combination of botanicals that naturally increase the body's production of it's own interferon.  Dr. Kojima's patented formula is exclusively available through the Shaklee Corporation. (Yeah, we rock!)
You can order nutriferon HERE
As a member the cost is about $1 per day! I say that is a great price to ward off virsus?

NutriFeron™ is a dietary supplement designed to support the immune system of healthy adult men and women.* Two caplets contains 500 mg of a patented, proprietary 2:1 powdered botanical extract derived from the flowers of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica), the seeds of pumpkin (Curcurbita moschata), and Asian plantain (Plantago asiatica). 

Another way to help fight germs in general is using a disinfectant that kills the germs but not us humans. I have been using Shaklee's Basic G for years in my Childcare Setting and my personal home. I use this on everything: Floors, walls, counters, tables, toilet, sinks,  diaper changing areas, toys, get the point. I have even used it outside on my siding to ward off the growth of algae. I posted specifically about Basic G HERE.  

If you are sick, what do you do? Go to the doctors to get medicine? If it's the common cold or even the flu, medicine will NOT help. There is however a super charged nutritional supplement that can help relieve the symptoms. It's called Defend & Resist.  
(sorry, it's a lil blurry, but I thought it was a cool pose, looks intimidating..haha!)
Defend & Resist Complex features four clinically proven immune-supporting ingredients. The immunoactive  arabinogalactans in extracts of echinacea, black elderberry, and larch tree stimulate the body’s natural resistance, and zinc is known to support healthy immune function.

I have a powerful personal testimony abut how vitamins/supplements have greatly increased my body's natural ability to heal its self and to protect me from the dangers lurking in our environment. However I think it would be best to get the word of an actual M.D. instead of "Dr. Lehn" as my friends refer to me jokingly.

Dr. Jennifer Wurst M.D. (a real doctor!) suggests taking a close look into the supplements you use and to make an educated decision because if you decide to take supplements that are unsafe, you do more harm than good. Please go HERE and read her post.

I am working on my next post about the break down of my nutritional supplements as my case is a unique case indeed!

Until next time ~ be well,

Dr. Stacey Lehn M.D. (ha! only to my craziest friends!)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vegas cont.....

Finally, I can post the other pics from Vegas.
It was a crazy couple weeks after returning, my poor son had to have his appendix removed! 

With all the craziness, I used my iPhone to upload these pics, which means they are not he best, but I really wanted to post them for you to see just how much fun we had!
But first my poor boy :( 
He is doing great now! The docs were very happy at how well he was doing and how quickly he recovered from the surgery (I thank Shaklee supplements & protein for this!!)
How funny, Aiden actually requested this pic of him getting in the ambulance which transported him to DC Children's Hospital. He wanted to look cool, how funny!
The biggest perk of being the little brother, unlimited popsicles!

Now that the kids are back on schedule and both are in school.....

.....Here are the remaining pics from Vegas.
This is the stage at the MGM. It was crazy to think that just a few weeks after the convention the iHeart radio concert that is all over the radio and news will be held on the same stage! I have been saying that Shaklee peeps are "ROCK STARS!" hehe

The workshops were awesome, great speakers and great topics.
In one class, my hubby really enjoyed the speaker, I think because of the music from rocky!
I found and ordered his book, thanks for the motivational speech Muzafer.
I was super excited to meet olympians, Justin Dumais & Eli Bremmer. I was excited, but not for the reasons you would expect, yes of course they are extremely chiseled, but I was excited to meet two accomplished athletes, I think deep down I wish I could excel in a sport :(
A funny fact about how this pic was taken: I was in line for something else and they started to announce they were going to be closing the expo, my hubby (being awesome) stood in that line for me, I got over there just in time for the pic which my hubby took! Now isn't that love? He stood inline for me so that I could take a photo with 2 other men! LOL

We also got the time to dine at Emril's. For those of you who do not know, Emril Lagasse is from Fall River, Massachusetts. The same town I am from! I was amazed at how good the food was. YUM!


The week ended with the Gala, we got all fancied up and hear some great speakers and was entertained!
Extrodinary transformations!

Me sporting my fushia top hat
Future leaders!

Me and Roger Barnett (CEO & Owner of Shaklee)
Here we are with Jenni & Nathan Oates, creators of, check it out!

At the fountain in the MGM

Did I mention I tortured myself by attending the very public burst workout? I'm just kidding, but it was very public. I mean my burst workouts are usually just me in my house! This was near 75 folks (maybe more, I can't be sure because I focusing on not falling down and remembering to breathe!)

"follow this sign to a WAKE-Up call!"
Yea, I was ready to conquer the world or at least a quick shower before more workshops!

Here I am at the casino
FYI- I do not gamble, so this was just to pose :)

Thank you Shaklee for great time!