Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vegas..and it's only day one (registration)

Viva Las WHAT?
After a long, long flight (and a 3hour time difference) we arrived in Vegas. I was running on just 2 hours of sleep after a long day of Daycare and also presenting Shaklee at a local National Night out before packing for this trip (yawn)..but I could not be happier or more excited!

I listened to 5 hours of music....I felt like a teenager! lol

My poor, poor hubby, he was passed out on the plane. As tired as I was he was even more tired. He works nights and only had a total of 4 hours of sleep in 2 days! He was such a trooper. He must love me or love Shaklee? hmmm? ha lol
I'm sitting in my dark hotel room while my hubby sleeps posting using my iPhone & my mac
Here are some pics...I'll post more as the days go on, sorry about so many's just amazing to be here amongst so many impressive business builders :)

Me and Lisa registering waiting to meet up with more Shaklee peeps.
I thought this hall leading to our room was so pretty :)
The view from our room!
You have no idea just how much I wanted to crawl into that bed, but how could I sleep and miss the opportunity to meet and greet so many successful people? yah I couldn't.
I thought this looked like a lotus? Now this is STYLE!

Shaklee STYLE
Shaklee style is where we can purchase Shaklee personalized merchandise and speak more with the home team about the products. Super swank...hehe

My life saving product line, CINCH. If everyone used these products they would truly transform their life with nutritional support not founded in any other product or our food for that matter. Okay here I go on my rant....folks need to realize that the food we eat does not have the same nutritional value as the food from 30 years ago. Fruits & vegetables have been stripped of most of the wonderful nutrients our bodies desire, which is why we need supplements in the first place. Our sources of protein? Ha, I need to save that topic for an entire ranting post in its self! END RANT....

-we will now continue with the post already in progress-

Actually I need to start getting myself ready to start the actual conference, I'm excited to listen to the top achievers and oh, I have mentioned my star struck moment with Olympic Athlete Eli Bremer? See who he is here. Next post I promise!

What are you dong this week?

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