Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally! It's Vegas time :)
I am so darn excited I can't stand it.....I think my hubby is secretly more excited than me. I was packed before him? He is pondering over what to bring what not to bring and so on....crazy?

I am mostly excited to have the chance to experience the Shaklee Family in all their glory. Awards, Fine Dining, more recognition and did I mention food? Ya, ya I know I am a bit addicted to food.
 We will be staying at the MGM Grand, How pretty. I will be sure to post pics as soon as I can, but find me on Facebook for up to date pics and whatnots.

The last time I went to Vegas my oldest son who is not 11 was just 3 years old. Ahh the memories of getting called by the inlaws and informed that YES Aiden knew how to call 9-1-1! or as he used to say 9-9-1-1. Apparently he decided to cal land tell the dispatcher that there was a kid in the trash can, WHAT? Of course there was not. The police had to come out and search and explain to my inlays why it was not a good idea to allow the 3 year old to use the phone (as if they knew about it?). Hey, I warned them to sleep with one eye open.
Anyway, this time around my inlaws  are staying at our house instead of their home. My fingers are crossed that nothing "comical" happens like last time.

The final evening at Shaklee we are attending the Shaklee Idol and recognition event, after that we will be dining and enjoying the entertainment of Jason Hewlett. Check him out, he seems like a HOOT!

I will be sure to post as soon as I can, be back for more....

Have a great week,
Stacey Lehn

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