Saturday, February 25, 2012

Children's Vitamins
What is wrong with giving my kids Flinstones vitamins or others like it?

As parents we do everything in our power to protect our children from harm. We do what we can to ensure they are offered proper nutrition and a safe environment. Many parents understand that children require nutritional supplements to offset what their children may be missing in their diet. 
The sad thing is that as parents are attempting to do good by giving their children vitamins from the local stores, they are actually giving synthetic, possibly harmful things to their children to ingest.  
This is what is in Flinstones vitamins and mostly all the vitamins on the shelf at grocery stores and even “health food stores”:
Aspartame and other man made sweeteners are used to make the vitamins taste good for children to chew them. Aspartame and other synthetic sweeteners have been proven to cause; weight gain (as if our youth need that), cancer, alzheimer’s disease, lupus, hypertension, arthritis, neurological disorders, behavioral issues, seizures, depression and endocrine disorders. Thats alot of trouble for a little sweetness!
*Artificial sweeteners are never found in any Shaklee products, ever!
*Shaklee uses all-natural tropical punch, grape and berry flavors to sweeten things up.
Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves such methods for coloring foods/vitamins, these dyes (because this is really what they are) are known to cause hyperactivity and other behaviors issues in many children. Studies have shown that children have consumed as much as three pounds of dye by age 12! Another fact is that the American companies  that produce products that are sold in Europe must reformulate their products to contain natural coloring, not artificial dyes. Why is is strict over seas but not here in the USA? Maybe those Europeans are on to something?
*Artificial colors are never found in any Shaklee products, ever!
The FDA once again gives approval for many foods/vitamins to contain an “acceptable” level of lead. This is shocking!  The government has strained about lead posioning in children over the last 20 years, but it is okay to hand them a chewable that actually contains lead? The very saddest thing about this fact is that there is not enough testing on these products to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum level of lead as described in the FDA guidelines. So my question is “who is monitoring the levels in the products that so many parents are giving to their children?” The horrible truth is that there are not enough FDA employees to test every product on the market. It is much easier to get a product on the shelf at the store than to get it yanked off the shelf. It takes a lot of money and usually multiple deaths to pull a product from the market.
*Lead is never found in any Shaklee products, ever!
This is questionable. According to the label Flintstones do not contain any added gluten, however they also state that they cannot guarantee that the raw materials they outsource to manufacture the vitamin do not contain gluten. Hmm? So, “who is monitoring and testing for the accuracy?”
*Guaranteed gluten free, always!
The best way to describe this scenario is: "would you rather eat man made food or real food from the earth?"
 This scenario is applied directly to vitamins. We are made up of cells which need to be feed to help maintain our life source. Man made synthetic vitamins cannot be properly digested. When we digest something that is dead (never been alive) it cannot feed our cells. It may give false or intermediate energy, but it cannot sustain what what we need to function at 100%. However when we digest something that is alive (or once alive) it feeds our cells. Cells need to be nourished.
*All Shaklee products are whole food, as close to nature as possible, always! 

Supernutrition for Superkids
Shakleekids Incredivites is the first children's chewable multivitamin in the U.S. with lactoferrin, which helps kids' immune systems stay supercharged.* Packed with 23 essential nutrients, it's the world's best kids' supplement-with 600 IU of vitamin D to support strong bones and teeth, and 100% of the Daily Value of all eight B vitamins and vitamin C. Just two a day and off they play. Now that's incredible!

Nutrition Your Kids Will Love
Filled with pure goodness, Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders is a kosher-certified chewable multivitamin for kids. It's packed with 19 essential nutrients and provides 100% of the Daily Value of vitamin C. Plus, Ocean Wonders now has more vitamin D - 600 IU per serving, that's 150% of the daily value! - as well as calcium, magnesium, and more to help support strong bones and a healthy body. With cool dolphin, sea horse, and fish designs in natural orange, grape, and mixed berry flavors, Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders is sure to be an ocean of fun. Just two a day and off they play!
The Smart Choice
Supertasty and supersafe, Shakleekids Mighty Smart is scientifically formulated with a power-packed blast of 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA. DHA is the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid in the brain and eyes and each great-tasting chew provides 100 mg.

Eating Right Starts Right Now
Shakleebaby Multivitamin & Multimineral Powder delivers 23 essential nutrients that your baby may not be getting from foods. In addition to providing a healthful serving of vitamins A, C, and all eight B vitamins to support proper growth, this pow- dered mix is formulated with a unique blend of clinically proven prebiotics—nutrients that encourage the growth of friendly microflora in the digestive tract to help support a strong immune system.* Plus, it’s got 400 IU of vitamin D to support strong bones and teeth.
**Recently Shaklee has decided to recall a particular lot of this powder vitamin. During routine testing Shaklee performs, they were unhappy with the level of iodine in this product. They did this without being told, without lawsuits, without complaints. To further prove the integrity of this company, I received an email stating this issue and also that they would be contacting me shortly to issue a full refund. Within a few days a Shaklee Representative contacted me and spoke with me about how I would like the refund and questioned if I had dumped the remaining powder. I only purchased this product to try it out. I believe that before I could ever recommend any product I need to try it myself (I mixed it in yogurt and apple juice, no taste, so it was a winner!). Needless to say, I dumped it. The Representative also told me that while Shaklee is diligently trying to figure out why the levels of iodine have increased, that I could crush the incredivites into a powder and use this in place of the baby powder until the problem is resolved. I was amazed that they acted so quickly and professionally. 
 I have never heard of another nutrition company voluntarily recalling and refunding! 
I guess this is one of the many reasons Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the USA!

Me and my boys, Camryn & Aiden

Parents, be aware of what you are giving for children, read those labels. Do not trust that the industry is trustworthy unless they have the research to back up the claims.
Thank You SHAKLEE for healthy children!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How I Clean

World's Best Cleaning Products!
How I Clean 

The way I clean and sanitize my home and Childcare setting is not like the average person.
(oh, yeah have I mentioned that I also run a home based licensed daycare?) 
I have 3 main cleaners in my home, yes 3 that is it! Okay and the liquid dish detergent & the powder for the dish washer & laundry detergent and fabric softener.

PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this video, 
I bet you will be looking at what is lurking under your kitchen sink (or where ever you store cleaning products!)

OKay, if you watched the video you are probably wondering "Well, what do I use?"
Here is what I trust around my family and the many children I care for.

From left to right: All-Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser, Window/Glass Cleaner, Liquid Dish & Powder (dish washer)
order HERE 

The 3 spray bottles are made using the same concentrated super cleaner, Shaklee's Basic H.

Here are the measurements:
All-Purpose is 1/4 tsp to 16 oz water 
COST: 21cents
Degreaser is 1 1/2 tsp Basic H to 16 oz water
COST: 25cents
Window/Glass is 1 to 2 drops (yes rips, anymore it will streak!) to 16 oz water

I use the all-purpose on everything, except windows and mirrors for those I use the window/mirror cleaner. I find that the degreaser is best for the really touch spots like maybe the microwave if someone (not mentioning any names) heats up spaghetti without covering it and it explodes and that someone says nothing and it is not cleaned for many days.
(I know the suspense is killing you, its the older child who can now reach the microwave, THX Aiden!)

Cleaning Dishes:
I use a very small amount of the liquid dish detergent to clean an entire sink of dishes.
Let's be truthful, me washing dishes by hand doesn't happen all the time, in fact I use my dish washer a minimum of once daily. With all the zippy cups & bottles in this house, you can't blame me. Shaklee recommends using 2 TBSP of the automatic dish powder per load. Well, if you know me by know, I'm not the best at following "rules", so I experimented and used only 1 TBSP per load and my dishes come out clean and sparkly! 

Shaklee's Basic G and the course spray Bottle

The next in line of my Favorites is the Shaklee basic G disinfectant. This stuff is amazing. It kills almost twice as much pathogens as Clorox bleach!  
My state requires licensed child care facilities to use Clorox Bleach or another EPA registered and Department of Education approved product. I wish they would go a step further and add non-toxic. I will need to go further into this topic in a blog all on it's own (in the near future!).
This can be used where ever bleach can be used and beyond. I use this on my floors, carpets, dog beed, sheets, clothes, table tops, toiling area, diaper changing area, trash cans, get the picture. I have never had this product stain (or bleach) my clothes, carpet or furniture. The best thing about this product is that once it is diluted into the spray bottle it is no longer considered toxic. Because it is highly concentrated (to save the consumer money on packaging), the concentrated form should be considered toxic, but the diluted form is not, it is safe to use, be around and will not pollute the water (like bleach). 
I have had many daycare homes & centers convert to the Basic G as a bleach alternative and they love it!

The mot cost effective way to convert your home or childcare to NON-TOXIC is to purchase the Get Clean Kit and purchase the Basic G and the course spray Bottle

If you have any questions, please contact me EMAIL or by calling 1(410) 903-4076

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Nutritional Supplement Story
WARNING!! This is a lengthy post, but I feel it is important.....

Here I am in December 2001, Holding my 6 month old (who is 10 1/2 now!) & on the right is me (summer 2011) after getting my lab results at the hematologist. 
Clearly you all can tell that I am much healthier & happier. 

Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which since has been up graded (or down graded depending on your view) to hoshimoto's disease. Basically my immune system is destroying and killing my thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is what produces hormones that greatly affect metabolism (hence the extreme weight?), fatigue, mood and other various symptoms. I knew something was not right, however I was told it was all normal postpartum issues. I knew briefly about thyroid disorders from some of the women in my family including my own mother. I had an aunt who had her thyroid removed due to suspected cancer, my grandmother suffered in the past and had been on meds for most of her life. My mother actually had radiation therapy when I was about the age of 2. I guess at 26, it was my turn? I went to many endocrinologists who kept telling me that my labs were normal and the weight was because of what I was consuming and that I needed to be more active. OK, so what does a FAT girl do? join weight watchers and exercise 2 hrs a day, 1 hr cardio and 1 hr weight training (with trainers too). I did loose a little weight...however I did not see or feel the results like I hoped. I did notice that through the exercising I felt mentally stronger and kept that up. I did my best with the diet regime. 
After many years of struggling with my weight, I decided to go under the knife. Was I scared you ask? Of course but not for the reasons you would expect. I had done my research and trusted the surgeon completely. My fear was that it would not work and that I would have put my family and myself through this stress for nothing. I had the gastric banding that would restrict the amount of food I ate, which would help with controlling hunger. Again, I was lead to believe it was because I was eating too much, even though I was eating healthy food. It was just too much.

I lost over 90 lbs! For those of you that do not know much about the LAP band, the patient must visit the surgeon often to adjust the amount of saline that is in the band. The port is just under the skin in the abdominal area. Because this is me we are discussing, that port flipped and I required surgery to fix it later on. I had to sleep sitting up because I suffered (and still do) from esophageal dysmotility. This is when the esophagus does not help with swallowing nor does it help to keep the food/liquid down. I would drink water and lay down to sleep hours after drinking and would end up choking and gagging because the water would travel up my throat and I would aspirate it (breathe into my lungs). 
Then in 2006, along came my youngest child (who is now 5!). During the pregnancy I had gained back all the weight because I had to completely unfill the band due to reflux, causing me to eat normal amounts of food. 
It wasn't until we figure out my body was rejecting the surgical silicone the band was made out of that I decided to convert the band to the more invasive bypass, which restricts and adds in the malabsorption of nutrition (my youngest was about 3 then).
 Again I lost weight.

However my blood work which had always been so/so was now really bad. I was serverly anemic, deficient in vitamins; D, C, A, K, B's and so on. Not to mention that no matter how much my thyroid meds increased my thyroid was always wicky-wacky. I also required multiple abdominal surgeries such as hernias (results of being over weight), hysterectomy (due to endometriosis) and I was requiring iron IV infusions weekly. 
I had known that it would be required to consume vitamins/supplements for the rest of my life, that no matter how much I ate, it would not be enough due to the malabsorption, I would never ingest enough nutrients for optimal health. I was taking the dr recommended chewable or sublingual supplements, injecting myself with B12 weekly. My regiment of vitamins was CRAZY. I started at 5am, took something every hr and ended at about 10pm everyday. I had to sort out when I would take what. I learned a lot about which vitamins to take together for proper absorption and which ones to never ingest together because they would block each other from being absorbed. I did this religiously, and my labs were still crap. 
About 2 years ago, after a shocking visit to the Hemotologist, I was determined to be healthy. The Dr explained to me that iron is what helps carry oxygen and nutrients to my vital organs. He told me that if I did not do something, my organs would begin to fail as a result. He estimated 5-10 years. I cried. I sobbed. thought long and hard of what to do. Then I wiped my tears and began research into a company I had been invested in as just a consumer of the non-toxic cleaners SHAKLEE.
It dawned on me that just as I cleaned up my house of toxins, I needed to do the same to myself. I threw out all my bariatric supplements (which did not help and cost about $175 per month).
During my vitamin/supplement research I learned that many vitamins on the market are laced with toxic chemicals and ingredients that offset the potency of the vitamin. Also smoking is that after calling the companies of those expensive briatric vitamins, they could not guarantee the results of the vitamins, not could they guarantee they were safe. When I explained to them that my labs where not moving in the right direction, they tried telling me that the vitamins may be expired! Umm, I think I can read the expiration date. Basically there did not stand behind the products they were pushing on people desperate to be healthy that had just had major surgery and were only listening to the advice of the surgeon.

I switched to the Shaklee  Vitalizer as a test run (cost $76 per month). Within 30 days my labs increased tremendously. The Endocrinologist could not understand why it seemed that  suddenly it appeared as though my thyroid meds where being absorbed better. My Dr's where shocked. I went back after 6 months of consuming the vitalizer and for the first time in almost 10 years, I felt better, looked better and the best thing of all my labs were AWESOME! 
Since then I have added other supplements to offset the fact that I do and will always suffer from malabsorption. Some of the other supplements I added are B ComplexVitamin D,  Vitamin C, Nutriferon, Omegaguard, and of course the  CINCH products. 
My husband was so impressed with the increase in my overall health he also consumes shaklee vitamins and is sick less often than his co-workers! He complains less about feeling run down, joints hurting and his energy level is higher than it has been since he was in his 20's.
To make this long story a little shorter, I'm do not regret the weightloss surgery (regret the lap band tho), I am glad, it motivated me to continue to search for my optimal health by showing me what feeling healthier was like and made me stronger, mentally :)

Me in august 2011
I still have a lil ways to go with my goal weight (I'm doing CINCH), I'm confident I will succeed :)
(I know I am healthier now in my 30's then I ever was in my 20's, so I say bring on the 40's!) 

Have a great day!