Saturday, January 28, 2012


CINCHers, how are we doing? keep me informed, ask questions, give feedback. 
We are here for each other :)

My progress: lost albs (big whoop, right?, keep reading...) 
I have not remeasured myself just yet, Shaklee suggests to wait 1 month.
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The best thing of all is that I do not feel like I am "dieting". It's funny, I know of other people that decided to go on a "diet" at the beginning of the year, these people are struggling with the diet regime. Also I have noticed that their energy level has diminished and their strength has weakened. I on the other hand have more energy than ever and do not feel deprived. 
Because I don't feel tired, I am working out at the same level as before starting CINCH. In all honesty, I am starting to feel stronger and have even increased in weight of some of the kettle bells I use during the Art of Strength class.

I want to take this opportunity to talk about the Sports Nutrition Line from Shaklee. I have enjoyed the rewards of this line when it comes to my workouts. 
As we know exercise plays a major role in weight loss. So we need to keep moving!

The sports nutrition line is a system that includes a pre-workout energy chews energy chew (both me and the hubby use this about 1 hr before working out), performance which is the during workout rehydration drink. This form of rehydration has been proven in clinical studies to be better absorbed than water and the leading rehydration drink on the market (gatorade). I give this to my children on hot days and my oldest son drinks this during ice hockey season. My hubby drinks this when he is at work (mountain bike police officer). The last piece of this system is physique performance, the after workout repairing muscle protein drink. Because I am CINCHing, I have opted to drink the CINCH shakes after workout instead. For those of you who do not need to loose weight, you should drink the performance for optimal repair.
Repair? Why? Why, because when we workout, especially weight train we are ripping tiny tears in our muscles that as they heal give the illusion of bulk. 
(hence the ripped abs, oh not mine, but you get the pic!)

Some of the greatest athletes in our country use Shaklee products.
 (over 100 Olympic medalist powered by Shaklee, that is amazing!)

NASA uses the rehydration drink for when the astronauts reenter the atmosphere.

A high school friend is literally running for his chance to be considered ALL AMERICAN in the 50 & 60 meter dash. He has started using Shaklee products and has stated that he has been pushing himself really hard and still feels good. This is exciting, James Crivaro is competing against 20 something year olds and well, we are 30 something year olds.
 (ya, no spring chicken, but kicking butt!!)

So, no matter what form of exercise you enjoy, just keep moving!

I am collecting healthy, protein rich, low carb, low to no sugar recipes this week. If any of you have any ideas or thoughts, please share!

Have a great week!

- Stacey