Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well, peeps today is the day that those of you who have taken the challenge will experience a transformation in your health.
If you are still interested, you can join at anytime. Just keep in mind that your program will run longer to reflect the start of your 12 week challenge.

Watch the  experience CINCH video for more amazing inch loss testimonies. 
I can't wait, this will be me!! I want to be in one of Shaklee's videos...ok maybe more than just one. 
Hey, a girl can dream!

My CINCHers, Have you decided/planned out your week? Have you decided which meals you will be replacing with CINCH? 
Here is my daily routine:
6am - CINCH shake & 3 in1 boost
8am - energy tea (with 1/2 tsp agave sweetener)
11am - meal (usually chicken with veggies, recipes coming soon!) & 3 in1 boost
1pm - water 
2pm - CINCH snack bar
4pm - occationally 2nd energy tea w/agave or 1 Shaklee energy chew
6pm - gym for  Art of Strength class (now you see the need for the energy chew?)
7pm - CINCH shake & 3 in1 boost
*if for some reason I am craving more (not usual unless I have really worked out hard, I will eat fresh blueberries.)
You may choose to replace any meal as long as you are replacing 2 other meals with either a CINCH shake or a meal bar. The reason for this is because Luecine must be in your body at all times to promote the  staying power of lean muscle mass that will help burn that unwanted fat,
This is it! How easy, right? It's a CINCH!! 
If you had any questions please contact me or leave a comment.

Be sure to the measurements now & weigh yourself today. Remeasure in 4 weeks & weigh yourself weekly, same day each week. Oh, yah! take a picture and keep all this together. I want feed back as we are moving long these 12 weeks.

You may also join in on the CINCH inspiration calls.

Dial 1-512-225-3211 / 951025# each Monday at 7 pm  through March 26th
Jan 23 – The Right Physical Activity | Commitment
Jan 30 – Self-Monitoring | Your Plan of Action
Feb 6 – Hunger Management | Dialogues for Prospecting
Feb 13 – Staying Motivated | Inviting Others to Join You
Feb 20 – Emotional Eating | Effective Presentations
Feb 27 – Managing Self-Sabotage | Business and Product Process
Mar 5 – Supermarket Survival Tips | Follow-Up
Mar 12 – Overcoming Plateaus | Building for Stability
Mar 19 – Eating Out | Mentoring Others
Mar 26 – Maintaining Good Habits | Accountability



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