Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shaklee Videos: The Shaklee Opportunity

Shaklee Videos: The Shaklee Opportunity

CINCHers, how are we doing? keep me informed, ask questions, give feedback. 
We are here for each other :)

My progress: lost albs (big whoop, right?, keep reading...) 
I have not remeasured myself just yet, Shaklee suggests to wait 1 month.
Order CINCH products here

The best thing of all is that I do not feel like I am "dieting". It's funny, I know of other people that decided to go on a "diet" at the beginning of the year, these people are struggling with the diet regime. Also I have noticed that their energy level has diminished and their strength has weakened. I on the other hand have more energy than ever and do not feel deprived. 
Because I don't feel tired, I am working out at the same level as before starting CINCH. In all honesty, I am starting to feel stronger and have even increased in weight of some of the kettle bells I use during the Art of Strength class.

I want to take this opportunity to talk about the Sports Nutrition Line from Shaklee. I have enjoyed the rewards of this line when it comes to my workouts. 
As we know exercise plays a major role in weight loss. So we need to keep moving!

The sports nutrition line is a system that includes a pre-workout energy chews energy chew (both me and the hubby use this about 1 hr before working out), performance which is the during workout rehydration drink. This form of rehydration has been proven in clinical studies to be better absorbed than water and the leading rehydration drink on the market (gatorade). I give this to my children on hot days and my oldest son drinks this during ice hockey season. My hubby drinks this when he is at work (mountain bike police officer). The last piece of this system is physique performance, the after workout repairing muscle protein drink. Because I am CINCHing, I have opted to drink the CINCH shakes after workout instead. For those of you who do not need to loose weight, you should drink the performance for optimal repair.
Repair? Why? Why, because when we workout, especially weight train we are ripping tiny tears in our muscles that as they heal give the illusion of bulk. 
(hence the ripped abs, oh not mine, but you get the pic!)

Some of the greatest athletes in our country use Shaklee products.
 (over 100 Olympic medalist powered by Shaklee, that is amazing!)

NASA uses the rehydration drink for when the astronauts reenter the atmosphere.

A high school friend is literally running for his chance to be considered ALL AMERICAN in the 50 & 60 meter dash. He has started using Shaklee products and has stated that he has been pushing himself really hard and still feels good. This is exciting, James Crivaro is competing against 20 something year olds and well, we are 30 something year olds.
 (ya, no spring chicken, but kicking butt!!)

So, no matter what form of exercise you enjoy, just keep moving!

I am collecting healthy, protein rich, low carb, low to no sugar recipes this week. If any of you have any ideas or thoughts, please share!

Have a great week!

- Stacey 

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well, peeps today is the day that those of you who have taken the challenge will experience a transformation in your health.
If you are still interested, you can join at anytime. Just keep in mind that your program will run longer to reflect the start of your 12 week challenge.

Watch the  experience CINCH video for more amazing inch loss testimonies. 
I can't wait, this will be me!! I want to be in one of Shaklee's videos...ok maybe more than just one. 
Hey, a girl can dream!

My CINCHers, Have you decided/planned out your week? Have you decided which meals you will be replacing with CINCH? 
Here is my daily routine:
6am - CINCH shake & 3 in1 boost
8am - energy tea (with 1/2 tsp agave sweetener)
11am - meal (usually chicken with veggies, recipes coming soon!) & 3 in1 boost
1pm - water 
2pm - CINCH snack bar
4pm - occationally 2nd energy tea w/agave or 1 Shaklee energy chew
6pm - gym for  Art of Strength class (now you see the need for the energy chew?)
7pm - CINCH shake & 3 in1 boost
*if for some reason I am craving more (not usual unless I have really worked out hard, I will eat fresh blueberries.)
You may choose to replace any meal as long as you are replacing 2 other meals with either a CINCH shake or a meal bar. The reason for this is because Luecine must be in your body at all times to promote the  staying power of lean muscle mass that will help burn that unwanted fat,
This is it! How easy, right? It's a CINCH!! 
If you had any questions please contact me or leave a comment.

Be sure to the measurements now & weigh yourself today. Remeasure in 4 weeks & weigh yourself weekly, same day each week. Oh, yah! take a picture and keep all this together. I want feed back as we are moving long these 12 weeks.

You may also join in on the CINCH inspiration calls.

Dial 1-512-225-3211 / 951025# each Monday at 7 pm  through March 26th
Jan 23 – The Right Physical Activity | Commitment
Jan 30 – Self-Monitoring | Your Plan of Action
Feb 6 – Hunger Management | Dialogues for Prospecting
Feb 13 – Staying Motivated | Inviting Others to Join You
Feb 20 – Emotional Eating | Effective Presentations
Feb 27 – Managing Self-Sabotage | Business and Product Process
Mar 5 – Supermarket Survival Tips | Follow-Up
Mar 12 – Overcoming Plateaus | Building for Stability
Mar 19 – Eating Out | Mentoring Others
Mar 26 – Maintaining Good Habits | Accountability



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last week to get ready for CINCHclub!

If you haven't already placed your  CINCH  transformation kit, you still have time.
I have come across some folks that really want to take this challenge. However the one aspect of CINCH that has them second guessing is the cost. 
This is what I sat to these folks; 
1.  Right now Shaklee is offering a special promotion. Place the Transformation kit on autoship, keep it on autoship for 3 consecutive months and the 4th month is free (that's $299.99 FREE!).

2. With the cost of the kit being $299.95 & with the promo, in the end the cost per month is just $224.96.

3. The cost per day is just $7.49! This cost includes 2 meals, 1 snack, 1 energy tea and the daily supplements (3 in 1 boost taken at each meal)

WOW! just $7.49 per day?
This is what a person would spend at McDonald's, ChickfilA or even at a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, which we all know are not nutritionally balanced and surely have contributed to the state of weight the majority of us are in. 
Below are listed just a few with approximate prices.
 The products purchased from these fast food franchises not only cost almost as much as the entire day with CINCH, fastfood products have little to no nutritional value.

Here is a comparison of other popular weightloss programs and what they include and the cost per program (right now CINCH is even less expensive with the special promo!). 
CINCH beats them all hands down!! (thank you SHAKLEE)

Personally, I include the cost of the kit within my family food budget since what I eat is usually included in the budget anyway. I have found that I actually save money & my family is eating better. Knowing that my children and husband are eating healthier is a great bonus.

If any of you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order, please email me or give me a ring 1(410)903-4076

Enjoy your week :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 weeks until the start of CINCHclub! 
My CINCH kit has arrived :)

I placed it on autoship for the next 3 months and I will get the 4th month FREE! (yeah for savings!)

I hear from lots of people that the focus for them is weight loss. Although I am no nutritionist, personal trainer or a doctor,  I know from personal experience and from my own research that muscle weighs more than fat and muscle is more condensed than fat. What does that mean? It means that given the same weight, muscle takes up less space. Which translates to a smaller waistline! So, to simply judge the success of a "weighloss" plan just on the amount of weight lost is insufficient. 
What truly matters is the inches lost. 

Are you still not sure about CINCH? Go HERE
or send me an email with your questions

the CINCHplan:
1. promotes inchloss over weightloss
2. focuses on keeping muscle to aid in the burning of fat
3. incorporates leucine in the shakes and bars to be consumed 
4. offers a simple plan that includes the 3in1 boost 
(gives energy, regulates blood sugar and offers a daily nutritional supplement for optimal health)
5. optional energy tea, made from green, white and red teas (I like to sweeten mine with agave)
6. offers an online support team
7. money back guarantee if not satisfied!

Don't forget about the free shipping offer with my CINCHclub!
Also, we will have this blog for information and inspiration for the 12 week program.
We will have weekly conference calls for anyone enrolled in the CINCHclub 

Once the CINCH order is placed you will receive a refund for the shipping paid and also an email inviting you to our weekly calls! 

On top of the fact that I know the products will help us achieve our inchloss goals, this online CINCHclub support will keep us motivated, help each each and most of all keep us accountable! 

Lose weight or your money back
Cinch, like all Shaklee products, comes with a 100% unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. 
With Cinch, you have nothing to lose but inches. And everything to gain in a whole new life.